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[hard gelatin capsules]Talent Year is very different this year. As more and more cities added thereto, this years city “talents battle” is more intense, and the heat is constantly climbing. Unlike the “graduation gift package★•”, Ive also paid a “graduation gift package△-“△▲…☆, and this year☆•, many cities will have a high-level talents in the transformation and upgrades as the top priority, and there are different levels of power, and they have opened the city “grab people▽◇■”◁-. One lasting battle. This spring, the “War” to compete for talented intellectual resources is staged all over the country. In late March this year○…•, Beijing and Shanghai have issued “Beijing City introduced talents management method (trial)” and “Shanghai accelerated the implementation of the peak engineering action plan”, marking the two-cities in Beijing and Shanghai also added to the smoke Among the talent battle, I added a firewood to the “Ghost War□-★”. Various citi.

Original title: Dong Mingzhu two sessions appeal▽▽○: to prevent blind ★-“coal to gas▽◆▼”○★, we should vigorously promote “coal change” on March 9■…□, 2018, Beijing and the 13th National Peoples Congress, the second ○▷=…”representative channel” opened•★▲•. Directors of the National Peoples Congress and Chairman of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd. During the national two sessions of the National Peoples Congress this year, Dong Mingzhu, a representative of the National Peoples Congress and Gree Electricity, has submitted a proposal called “Advance the Suggestions on the Promotion of Promoting” to achieve clean heating. Realize the clean heating▼=◁△, give a subsidy policy for air source heat pump thermal type and air source heat pump hot water equipment. Comprehensive implementation of coal comprehensive management is one of the important means of improving my countrys ecological environment under the guidance of sustainable development, enhancing my countrys air quality. Coal chan.

Original title: Fu Kui△□: Monitoring full coverage is strong, Hunan Xiangxi has taken the initiative to deepen national monitoring system reforms, an important purpose is to achieve full coverage of public officials in all exercise public powers. This is another new exploration of the power operation and supervision mechanism, which ensures that the supervision does not have a major organization and institutional innovation in the blank zone▼▽●. The oversight of the oversight is a strategic initiative to deal with “biggest challenge”▼○▲. Our party is comprehensive leadership, long-term ruling, and the biggest challenge is the effective supervision of power□●○●. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party supervision has been effectively strengthened, and the inspection of the inspection and supervision and dispatcher has fully covered all national organs, social groups, enterprises and institutions and all party members who have established party organizations. effect. At the same time, there is still qui.