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[plant protein industry]Original title: After promoting the Republic of China, Xia Baolong attended the Beijing An Important meeting from May 8th to 9th○◇◆■, the Secretary-General of the National Committee of the CPPCC was held in Hohhot. Xia Baolong, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. “Government” (WeChat ID=△▪○: XJBZSE) noted that this is the first National Political Consultative Association of the National Political Consultative Association for the Secretary-General of this year, Summer Baolong is selected as the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. Exercise meeting of the first CPPCC system authorities since the start of the game. Xia Baolong pointed out that Xi Jinpings new era of socialist thinking is the latest outcome of Marxism China▼•. It is the 21st century Marxism, contemporary China Marxism▪=☆■, has solemnly written into the party constitution, constitution and political contributi.

Acrobatic teenagers “escape plan” China News Week reporter / Yang Zhijie issued on 2021.5.31 Total No◆●□. 997 “China News Week▽■▽☆” △☆□”Collective Traffic Event” has been more than a week, mid-May, 15-year-old Huazi returned to school He wore junior high school uniforms between clusters, participated in three exams, English, history and politics◇◆, and many questions will not be done=★. Before the exam, the teacher special comforts him, “I can do it as much as possible•☆, I cant do it slowly.” On May 1st, four Wuqiao acrobatics•▲, who were headed by him, was lost during the Chengdu performance period. Among the four people, Huazi 15 is the largest, the younger brother is 12 years old□▪…, Xiaoxin is 14 years old, the smallest a•▽▪▪.

Original title▽▽: The first debut of the “Member Channel” Zhao Hongwei■◁◁: There is no gender difference between scientific research. I will leave the cover. IN the news reporter Lai Fangjie Beijing Photography reported on the afternoon of March 3, the Peoples Great Hall East Gate Hall○-△, the national two sessions The field ☆◁”member channel••” is about to open=●■◁. Limited journalist□◆△, squeezing water, countless lens focused on the red carpet on the channel, looking forward to the debut of the committee□●…○. After an hour, the first round of three members, rushed to the red carpet and stood in front of the vertical microphone. They are the deputy director of the China Manned Space Project, as a vice chairman of the Middle School of Jiu Sanxue, the Intermittent Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Jianwei, and Zhao Hongwei, chief engineer of the China Railway Science Research Institute. As the first debut ▲★”member channe☆□■=!

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessories○○□…, Xinhualian Group▷•☆▪, Chairman Fu Jun○▪: Suggested A Shares to increase the support of innovative enterprises to support the New Beijing News (Reporter Chen Yuming) March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference opened a meeting The reporter learned today that the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chairman of the New Hua Wan Group Board of Directors and President Fu Jun proposed the proposal for the support of A-share should increase the support of the innovative enterprise●○. “The global competition for innovative enterprises is more fierce•○. There are many countries and regions to introduce new policies to attract innate enterprises.△▷…□” Fu Jun said in the proposal. ▪▽▼◇”In recent years, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has promoted the development of innovative enterprises in the use of capital markets There are many jobs in terms of work▼☆, launch the entrepreneurial board and the new three board market▷△◆○, vigorously promote social resources to innovative enterprises, mainla▲▼. industrial protein collagen peptides beef vs fishGelatin wholesale fish gelatin capsule marine collagen powder!