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[chicken type ii collagen sigma]Original title: Dong Mingzhu two sessions appeal: to prevent blind ▷■◁”coal to gas”▷▪■★, we should vigorously promote •●”coal change” on March 9, 2018, Beijing and the 13th National Peoples Congress, the second ☆●◇☆”representative channel▲=-=” opened. Directors of the National Peoples Congress and Chairman of Zhuhai Gree Electric Co★▼▲■., Ltd. During the national two sessions of the National Peoples Congress this year, Dong Mingzhu, a representative of the National Peoples Congress and Gree Electricity, has submitted a proposal called □▷”Advance the Suggestions on the Promotion of Promoting” to achieve clean heating◇■▷. Realize the clean heating, give a subsidy policy for air source heat pump thermal type and air source heat pump hot water equipment◇☆…■. Comprehensive implementation of coal comprehensive management is one of the important means of improving my countrys ecological environment under the guidance of sustainable development, enhancing my countrys air quality. Coal chan▼•.

Original title: ▲○”One knife cut◇□◇” is a rough violence such as environmental inspector “high-grade black•△□” centralized downtime will be seriously hosted by Li Wei every reporter Li Wei, either a long time▽▼, either close to the company, and even close the tofu square Remove the breeding network ▼■… Some places are ◆▽”a knife cut” phenomenon for environmental pollution usage-▷★, and under pressure○•☆, it is like “high-grade black●△=▲” against central environmental inspections. This kind of behavior in the future will face serious accountability. On May 28th=•◆, the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued news, the central environmental protection inspectors will be enrolled in Hebei, Inner Mongolia☆◇, Heilongjiang△-△, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi◆▲○, Yunnan▽◇, Ningxia and other 10 provinces (districts), for the first Wheel Central Environmental Protection Inspector and reforming the “look back□•”▪△-, and attack the pollution contr■▽=•.

Original title: Hong Kong media said that China and Japan jointly developed the worlds fastest suspension train…●: 500 km from March 7, 2018▽▽▼○, the train travels near Chess Bay Station, Huanji◆▷△■, Huanji, Hainan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu photographed news network April 27 report port media said that China promotes high-speed rail travel to the world seems to be warmed, and China is jointly developing a rapid speed up to 500 kilometers with Japan☆…☆◆. It may become the fastest train in the world◁○…. According to the Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” website△◆□=, ▲△”Chongqing Morning News◆•” invokes the Professor Lai Yuguang, who participated in the development of Chongqing University of Technology, said that the first generation of high-speed pneumatic suspension trains, second generation style trial and real-heart trials have been in Japan. carry out▷●■△. According to reports, the highest speed of such a train may reach▷…□▪?

At the press conference held today (27th) Ministry of Transport○▷◇, the Ministry of Transport said that as of now, my countrys vaccine cargo transportation capacity is sufficient and operated smoothly□•. With the extensive development of new championships, vaccine cargo transportation tasks are increasingly heavy. In particular◆△…, the recent spatical sporadic scattered△▲=, and the demand for vaccination has increased again. In order to do a good job in vaccine, transportation organizations and service guarantee work▲◇■◇, the Ministry of Transport has taken the following five aspects○△★=: First, carry out capacity◆▼▽…, promote transportation and demand docking. Published 56 key contact logistics enterprises★△△, driving vaccine production companies closely docking with logistics companies. Overall, integrated the top 30 medici.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Liu Yizhan) The 20th National Peoples Congress No. 20 Representative Safety is held in Shanghai from May 24th to 27th. The theme of “learning propaganda to implement the” 14th Five-Year Planning and 2035 Route Target Outline ▪◁▷”•□▷▪, from 291 National Peoples Congress from 33 National Peoples Congress from the country to participate in the line■■◆. Essators have arranged 8 special reports and 1 group discussion. The topic report includes the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the Interpretation of the Outline Outline of the 2035 Route; Accelerate the Development of Modern Industrial Systems, consolidate the Strong Subject Roundation■●•◁; Digital Economics and Digital Management; Constructing a Modern Comprehensive Transportation System, Accelerating the Construction of Traff.Pectin manufacturer!

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