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[hydrolysed collagen peptides bovine]Original title: Committee on the Promotion of the CPPCC Committee to promote the Ministry of CPPCC 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, a meeting of the news center scheduled on March 8◁-▲■, 2018 (Thursday) 15:00 in the Peoples Hall Press Release Office held the CPPCC committee to promote the economic high Quality Development Press. China.com live broadcast, please pay attention•●! Text Record Congbra: Reporter Friends▷▲◆-, everyone is good afternoon! The second reporter will start now in the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference★=•▽. The theme of this reporter will be the “CPPCC member to promote economic high quality development●●=◆”. First, the Secretariat of my on behalf of the General Assembly welcomed the Chinese and foreign reporters from China Todays press conference. Today is the International Womens Day, I would like to give Hu Xiao, the female reporter▷•, ladies, and the congratulations showing the festival ejemplos de proteinas recombinantes en la industria farmaceutica! Today○▷○, we invited protein supplements industry uk○◇◆.

Original title: Dust weather affects 1▲▲▷▷.5 million square kilometers in the northern region, there are also sandstorms in the next 10 days (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) Central Meteorological Observatory today (March 28) released news, this north There are about 1○▪.5 million square kilometers of large-scale dust weather. Starting today▪★●, the dust weather in the above area gradually weakened. In the next 10 days, cold air and cyclone activities are active, and Xinjiang Southjiang Basin, the Midwest of Inner Mongolia■•, and the eastern part of the northwest, and there are sandstorms in the ground. From March 26th to 28th, there is a dusty weather in the northern region◆▷, the Middle Eastern Inner Mongolia, the north of Shanxi, the northern part of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China have a smooth sand or floating dust, and there is a 5 ~ 7-level wind◇■◁▲, gust of 8 ~ 9 level. Insi.

Original title△○: Ingneng Jing Weibo said “I am Chinese”□◇▪…, after the green media, we must say! Green media refers to the family background with Japanese factors▷▪. ◇◁●”Are you a special molecule?” “I am Chinese gelatin boiling point! Are you forgotten a ancestor★-◁?△■” This is a question and answer that happened on the 14th in Taiwanese artist Inee▲▼•. This question tells the view of the mainland netizens ↓ In this era of ★○▽★”network unity” on both sides•▪=▷, I can cant discover by Taixia in Weibo. Sure enough, on the 15th▽■◆…, the green media in many islands reported the answer to Yi Nengjing●▼▼•. Among them, Taiwans “Free Times” also has such a paragraph: other green media also reported with wind•★-, and said that the mainland is “China○●◇◆”: “Yi Neng Jing and Chinese male star Qin Yan again married a wom modified citrus pectin!

China News News Shanghai May 27th (Reporter Li Yu Zheng) Shanghai is accelerating the construction of the global asset management center☆◇, and the financial resources collection Shanghai Lujiazui took the lead•△•. On the 27th, the “First International Trade Science and Technology Entrepreneur and Investor Conference” will open. According to Lu Jiazui official•-, the General Assembly aims to enforce energy in the data management industry with scientific and technological means to help build the core functional area of ​​the Global Trade Directory. A few days ago, Shanghai officially issued relevant advice☆=◇◆, clearly proposes to deepen the digital application of asset management industry, and promote asset management agencies to increase the use of the next-generation digital technology▪-. It is pointed out that it is necessary to rely on Lujiazui Financial City to create the core functional area of ​​the Global Asset Management Center-★. In this context•▽○▼, Lujiazui tailor.