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[omega protein industry]Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing Tang “grab the people” war: grab the talent to win the future last year▼•●▷, more than ten large and medium-sized cities have set off the introduction of talents “grab◁=” war-★, and all preferential policies are dazzling△□▽. As Xian▷•, which has just been approved, building a national center city, is particularly eye-catching in this “talent battle”. Why is Xian so big to “grab people☆□★△”? What is the guarantee of the work in Xian? How to improve in the environment, security▪△? A few days ago□-, the National Peoples Congress representative, Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing accepted an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers, view journalists, and introduced the basic advantages of the citys central cities in Xian•☆. Talking about “grab the people”: grab the talent to win the future view: Xian is now open to introduce the talents at home and abroad, whether it ▷•□.

After the outbreak of the Pacific War▼▷▽, Chiang Kai-shek negative anti-war attitude made the US deeply dissatisfied. For the purpose of defeating Japan as soon as possible, reduce the purpose of US military casualties●□☆, the US has repeatedly negotiated with Chiang Kai-shek■▲◁, forceding its agreed that the US was stationed in Yanan. In the summer of 1944, 18 US military observation teams led by the Embassy of the United States in China, were batch to Yanan○▷◆□. Their main task is to feed back the political, economic☆=-, military, military, etc. of the Communist Party of China to the highest decision-making layer in Washington. On the 6th day of arriving in Yanan, the “Political Consultant” of the US Observer, Xie Weisi wrote his first report. In the report, he describes the experience of the US military observation: “Our group memb◇◆□○?

Original title: Draw China map into Qiu Haimang also cover ▽◇=”Qingtian White Banner▼□▲◇”? Singapore TV show apologizes [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] “Map is incomplete” this pit, many companies and media fell in★▽◆…, but recently△▽▷■, this is not complete .★▷●.. Singapore network media MotherShip reported on the 14th, In Singapore “8 channel○•■” tour program “My Tour is a star” (My Star Guide “(My Star Guide” (My Star Guide)★-=●, the Chinese map behind the host is that the △•”Chinese Republic of China◇=▲•” of the Republic of China is included in Mongolia•○▽▷. And covering •▲◁”Qingtian Diamatics Red Flag□□◆▽”▪○, triggeting netizens at home and abroad. Screenshot of the trailer (Source○▷: Singapore Mothership) After the netizens discovered, in the face of the fa!

Original title: Mainstream poll showing Chinas influence in Kenya first surpassed US China Daily Nairobi April 30 news, according to the Chinese Embassy in Kenya○…, recently▲•…◁, the NPS Pucesso (IPSOS) released the investigation report, China The influence of Kenya surpassed the United States for the first time and became the most recognized development partner of Ken■○. Since 2015, Yi Xiso has carried out an influence of the East African foreign countries in Kenya. In March of this year□●◆▲, Yipos was sampled for the 2003 ordinary people in the country▪★=, of which 34% of respondents believe that Kenzhong relations are the most important bilateral relations, first ranked first; US=○, South Africa△▼, United Kingdom respectively 26%, 5%, 4% is settled in two◆☆, three, four. The analysis of the political institutionally believes that Chinas influence is the main origin.

Zhongxin.com Beijing May 27 (Reporter Sun Zifa) China Science and Technology Museum of Science and Technology◇•☆, on the occasion of “June 1″ International Childrens Day in 2021, the museum will join hands with the China Chemical Museum, TV Media ▽•○◆”Decoded Science and Technology History▽▼-△” column In the eve of …▽”June 1″■▷★, ▲●▪□”Children, Multi-Person-Science•◇▽” Childrens Day special event is intended to stimulate the curiosity of young children and guide children to understand the unique charm of scientific culture◆◇▼. The Childrens Day special event is scheduled to start in children aged 7-13 at the age of 7-13 on the evening of May 29☆▷☆=. By then◇▼=, children who make up the successful age will have the opportunity to participate in interesting experimental interactions and fierce game challenges, and jointly open a wonderf. bovine collagen peptides vegetarian OEM collagen sachet Gelatin capsule protein structure determination in industry pork source gelatin!