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[industrial purification of proteins]The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was held on March 2, 16:30 on March 2▷●, at the Press Release Office of the Peoples Hall▪■==. The General Assembly spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the situation of this conference and answered the reporter. Wang Guoqing: But we are very regrettable▼•, there are some people in the West, and their body has entered the 21st century○◆△, but their brain still stays in the Cold War era▼★. To do the same thing, Western countries show “soft strength☆•▪☆” or ■△○★”smart strength”○=, to our China, there is something “sharp strength”. Soft power is Soft Power●-, how good, the strength is smart power, how good, sharp strength is Sharp Power, listening to it is so uncomfortable. This kind of speculation reflects some of the Western force.

Original title: Strong “China Manufacturing” crack “芯” pain – Focus on ZTE ☆…▷=”Forning Order◇◁-” three hotspots Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 20 (Reporter Jiang Lin, Yu Jiaxin, Liu Yangxi) The United States issued an export authority to ZTE◇◁=, and ZTE has issued a statement on the 20th that the US Department of Commerce has not been in the relevant survey, and the company is insisted on the most stringent sanctions. ZTE is extremely unfair, and ZTE cannot accept. Is the US •◇▽▲”ban order” only for the ▷-“non-compliance” operation of a company? How big is the gap between Chinas chip industry? How to crack the pain of -◆”reficing” in the future○△◁? The reporter conducts multi-party interviews. One question▷◁●: “Order” is only for enterprises “irregular▪★” operation▼★■◇? On April 16th, the Ministry of Commerce of the United States and Safety Administrati.

Original title: Southern Song Buddha is □-“destroyed repair”, dont put cultural relics into a “Grandma Temple” New Beijing News Review For historical sites, especially buildings, the internationally passageful repair principle is “old and old”, Maximize the original of the cultural relics. ▲ Netizen Weibo broke the news Mu Wei recently, a group of ancient Buddha statues that were repaired by “barbarism” have caused a small dispute on the network. The ancient, the thick Buddha pigment has been brushed on a layer of paint, and it is purple. Buddha statues original modeling◇◇, hair accessories, clothing▽•★…, clothing, and solemn feelings are also waters▲◇○▽, and they are called “dismissal repair=□” “Aesthetics”. Many industry people are deeply sad. Significant, the Buddha statues in this group are from the Anyue Grottoes and Guangan Jinfeng. Sichuan Anyue is the current Chinese ancient Buddhist statue sit…●●?

China News Cooperative Beijing May 27th (Guo Chaokai) In recent years, the society has triggered a wide focus on the housing old settlement case. Bear Chief Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Justice was expressed in Beijing on the 27th•◇◆★, in recent years, the judicial administrative agency has taken a number of measures against “households” fraud cases. The national notarized industry has basically eliminated the illegal violations of violations in the •★▪▼”households” case. On the same day, the State Council held a policy routine, introducing the situation of optimizing notarized services to better and private enterprises●◇◆. There is a reporter question, in recent years=○, ★◇…□”Households” settlement cases have triggered social attention, some of the criminals use the notary procedures to set the scam, and many of them have also involved▲▼◆, the Ministry of Justice .About Us!

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