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[protein engineering applications of industrially exploitable enzymes]Original title•■: 2018 Zhang Mao, Director of the National Industry and Commerce▽◆◁, National Industry and Commerce: Trademark registration cycle will compress the Secretary for Industry and Commerce for 6 months, Zhang Mao, answered the reporters question in the 13th National Peoples Congress. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing Xue Xin Beijing News (Reporter Jia Shiyu Chen Peng Shan Xueliang) Today (March 9), Zhang Mao=●•◁, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, said in the 13th National Peoples Congress, “Ministerial Channel▽●=”, last year The cycle of my countrys trademark applications is compressed from 9 months to 8 months◆▷■○. This time this time limit will compress two months. In recent years■◇•□, my countrys trademark applications have grown a substantial growth per year▼▷. Zhang Mao introduced that last year, my countrys application rate reached 5△•….74 million, a year-on-year increase of 55%▪●◇, accounting for 80% of the entire world trademark application☆◁▽☆. Zhang said, curre.

Xinhua News Agency on May 27 (Reporter Shang Xu) On May 29th, the United Nations Secretary-General, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Secretary of the United Nations Gurdres★□, in New York▽•○, the United Nations Headquarters, to the peacekeeper, to the peacekeeper▽◁•, remember Since 1948▪-, more than 4★●,000 peacekeepers who have lost their jobs in the United Nations peacekeeping operations. Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the coil plays only Gutrez is attended▪◁•. Gutres then hosted the video of the video, 129 peacekeepers who were derelicted from January 2021, 2020 and 2021. Gutrez said in the Yunxun ceremony, United Nations peacekeepers face great challenges▪▷◇, they struggle every da!

Original title Many CPPCC members appeal: online game supervision is time to take out measures how can page protein by used in the industry best fish collagen peptide powder•◁■◆! At present, youth group addiction online games have become a social problem that is urgent to solve◁□★…, what is the impact of online games for young people◆■★▼? Dont you regulate? Who will supervise□▲●▽? How to supervise? A number of Chinese contributions committees appeared, and they all express their opinions. Future Network Beijing March 11 (Reporter Yang Peiying Xie Shensen) on the teenage growth road, online games are definitely a hurdle, for many young people, the gorgeous pictures and exciting plots are often attracted to them. Among them△○◇, you cant extricate themselves••…. At present, youth group addiction online games have become a social problem that is urgent to solve, what is the impact of online games for young people? Dont you regulate? Who will supervise? h◁▼▲.

Original title Statistics: National GDP accounting data true credibility does not have a low-estimate country new office 14th, the national economic operation in January – February Source: National New Official Website March 14th The National Bureau of Statistics News spokesman Mao Yong said on the 14th that the national GDP accounting data is true and credible. It is more objectively reflecting the changes and trends of economic and social development. The local plus the national GDP data is not completely connected, 2019 Officially launched the regional GDP unified accounting system, the basic data is basically unified. The National New Office held a launch conference on the 14th of January-February▷•■, and there were reporters asked at the press conference. There is public opinion that China is actually statistics on the national economy like GD○•▼▽.Pure collagen free gelatin sample bovine hydrolysed gelatine,