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Gelatin capsule![peptide collagen fish 100 nippi origin]Original title: fake▷=! false! of! false! of! This is the authority from the two sessions and rumors○△-, everyone should not be cheated! Have you felt that the quantum health care products are very high? Do you still take the initiative to find a wealth management product that can be guaranteed to have no risk and get high yield☆=▪▲? Do you believe in those ◇▲”ancestral god medicine□◁”▼•? But these are all collagen peptides! Yes uso industrial de las proteínas marine collagen supplier! false! of collagen powder drink bulk! At the national two sessions, the NPC representatives, the Committee of the CPPCC, gave the most authoritative rumors, dont be cheated again! Quantum health products? National Political Consultative Conference, Academician Pan Jianwei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: fake! The National Committee of the Chinese Academy of Political Consultative Conference, Pan Jianwei, a Chinese Academy of Sciences, known as the father of Chinese quantum, but even his relatives have the quantum health products. ■▽★◁”Its a aunt◇◇•▪, saying that Jian Wei•◁▷★, I bought o.

Original title★•: Jiang Yang responded to Fujikang quickly passed: experienced a complete review process for the fast-moving events of Fujikang◁▪□, March 9, March 9th, Vice President of the China Securities Regulatory Commission=□•, Jiang Yang to Securities Times The reporter said that Foxconn has passed a complete audit procedure as far as the enterprise level□☆. Jiang Yang said that Foxconn has been announced yesterday. This is also strictly reviewed in accordance with the statutory procedures▪▲•, according to the requirements of authenticity, accuracy and integrity, and also to disclose it. Requirements and risk reminders, this is the requirements for the SFC on any listed company listed audits. Source▽…■○: Securities Times · E Company Responsibility Editor: Guoqia□◇•.

Xinhua News Agency■◁◁▲, Hong Kong, May 26 (Reporter Ding Yu) Hong Kong Cruise Tourism has been suspended for more than 15 months since February 2020, in order to promote cruise tourism recovery, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced on the 26th that it is expected to be re-established at the end of July…●-△. For Hong Kong residents participate☆▲▪, they do not stop the cruise “public sea tour▪▪◁” outside the port outside Hong Kong□▽=. “As the Hong Kong epidemics began to stabilize in February this year▲◇▷-, the citizen, the cruise industry and the tourism industry have a great expectation of cruise tourism.” Guo Tenghua□□★, director of the Hong Kong SAR Government and Economic Development Bureau, said on the day of the rigorous Sanitary epidemic prevention measures to re-regulate the “public sea tour◇▷▽”▪▼, which can be taken between public health and meet the needs of citizens casual touri▲☆☆…?

Original title: Hong Kong media: Guangdong elders are surprised to discover, to speak Mandarin with men [text / observers Tong Li] In Guangzhous size corner, you may hear the old people and grandson women tell Mandarin with strong accent. When you communicate with your child○◆, you will also switch from Cantonese into Mandarin. On March 12th, Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post◁…” issued an article•▪, explored this language from the economic, school and other aspects◆◁. According to Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post■☆”-▽, in Guangzhou▪•◇, Cantonese children and adolescents are not much. Guest point, bus stop, restaurant and street corner•◆□•, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other Pearl River Delta cities, it is possible to hear the elderly and the junii speak Mandarin with strong mouth. They all discovered with young parents, and they have had to speak Mandarin with the juni. Report screensh.