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[gelatinous sweets]Original title: Li Wen exclusive writer Dad Li Wei★…☆○, this life is very exciting, I am a legend◁▲•, I am happy with Dad, Li Wei: Overbearing…•◆, Friday, but also and delicate “China News Weekly” special writing / Li Wen This article was first on the 845th “China News Weekly-▪•-” My Dad Li Wei died in brain cancer on March 18★=, 2018. Since the living environment in his disease needs to be absolutely cleaned, the entrant needs to disinfect, I am not kept by him. Revereded▷•-, I finally saw him again★○, or in 2005 he went to Peking University to speech, and the last time and Dad chatted▷☆, it was in 2014. At that time, he told me□■◇△, be careful when in mainland power rights, because I am a little white rabbit, he is an old fox•▪◁◇, he is ●▪▲☆”making money”, b.

Original title: Liu He emphasizes strengthening four awareness during the investigation of financial management departments, earnestly doing the current financial work Xinhua News Agency, Beijing…▲○◁, March 27, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, March 27, in the financial management department At the time•◁, it is emphasized that the financial system must carefully study the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, firmly establish “four awareness”, strengthen the …★▷”four confidence”, and consciously in the ideological politics action▲▪◇. Comrade Xi Jinping is the core. The Party Central Committee is highly consistent, conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment◆▷☆, and conscientiously do a good job in financial reform and development. After listening to the Peoples Bank, the Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission◆•, after the report of the SFC, Liu He pointed out that the Party Central Committee, the State Council attached great importance to financial work□◁, international finan.

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Cui Lin) as a typical city merchant bank in the western region, has been the “main army” of places in the place of places, such as the construction of industry poverty alleviation platforms, take line Shangyun sales method, for Gansu, more than 200 farm special products. As of now, the lily of the Lily Life network is 2=▪◁▼,200, and the total transaction volume of platform products is 310 million yuan●☆●◁. More than 70 million yuan. “Lanzhou Bank President Pu 5 pounds received the interview with the new network reporters on the 28th. Since 2012■▪▷-, Lanzhou Bank has been being rated as “Second Category Bank” by the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commissio.

[Clarification of the Vice President of the Chinese Buddha Association: “Buddha” is not equal to Buddhism] For the current “Buddha” life, ▽○▲”Buddha” youth, what is the true Buddhist attitude? Thirteen National Peoples Congress, Vice President of China Buddhist Association, Harbin Express Temple Station Jingbao Today, I responded to a video in the interview with the new network reporter•●◇-. How do people in the real Buddhism look at the -□▽△”Buddha” culture…■☆□? Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh?Gelatin capsule.