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[bloom gelatin]Zhongxin Net Yingkou May 27th (Reporter Qiang Xu) On the 27th-•=, the deputy mayor of the Yingkou Municipal Peoples Government Notified the Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference held in the local government, 021△…◇, 2002-15 At 24:00 on the 26th, there is no new case in Yingkou City. Up to now, 10 cases of incurred cases in Yingkou City, 6 cases of asymptomatic infections, 3 patients discharged from the hospital for rehabilitation treatment and medical observation in Dalian Public Health Clinical Center, other patients still have a centralized treatment center Dalian Center to treat, good condition Jin Li said that Yingkou City□•☆…, the risks closed controlled squid circles, the Yihai Fudu community, Yahaifu Community, has no new cases for 11 consecutive days, and Xiongue Town, Xiongue Town, Yuefu Communit••?

Zhongxin Net Hangzhou May 28 (Reporter Qi Jin Yanhu also) In the superposition of uncertainty factors such as trade friction, epidemic shock, in order to stabilize and optimize the industrial chain★=☆, -☆■◆”chain long system” should be “changed” in Zhejiang, and In more than 20 provinces (city◇△▪, autonomous regions), it is promoted to help “six guarantees” ▼▽●=”six steady” in the epidemic, but also play a positive role in empowering dual cycles. As an emerging system▪■, ▼○”chain long system-•★” is an emerging system●=●, and its first in Zhejiang Province has also continuously explores the reform path. On May 28☆☆□=, the “chain long system” seminar was held in Hangzhou▷□□=, Zhejiang▪▲★. Some experts believe that the implementation of “chain long system” needs to be “changing△☆□”, on the other hand▲■, to clarify the “chain long system” administrati.

Original title: “Taiwan independence” promotes the “Olympic genuine referendum☆▼” has reached the Threshold National Taiwan Office to respond to Overseas Network September 12, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press on September 12 at 10:00 am. The hotspot responds. Xinhua News Agency reporter said that it has been reported that the so-called •▼=▲”Olympic Games Report” driven by the “Taiwan independence” forces has reached the threshold of the Affairs…◁, and the Ministry of Protent Party provides a lot of support-▷. What comments do you have•☆? An Fengshan said that the International Olympic Committee has clearly stated in Taiwans participation in the Olympics. “Olympic model” is the principle of international sports organizations and branch of sports people in the branches. The island is a few “Taiwan independence” splitting forces Bay sports athletics and Taiwan compatriots in the Ministry of Public Progressive Party supported controversy, regardless of the International Olympic Committe.

Original title: The State Food and Drug Administration: Key to rectify the rural market “名 牌 食品▽■△” Meeting in the immortal food will be included in key supervision. The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement today (March 21), which will focus on rectifying the rural market and urban and rural integration department “★…” food “●☆” cottage food “. The State Food and Drug Administration is required in the “Announcement on Combating Food Production and Sales Crimes”○▪. Key to rectify the rural market, urban and rural integrated parties “famous food-■” “cottage food”…●; focus on rectification of food labeling instructions, express or implies to prevent the treatment of diseas…•★.