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Contacts.[chicken native type ii collagen]Original title: The National Peoples Congress system highlights the 13th National Peoples Congress of the People in Beijing, attracting the media to report, is a chance to show the socialist political system of Chinese characteristics in the outside world▲▲◇…, but also to the world to show China Road self-confidence, Theoretical self-confidence◇▲•, institutional confident▪▼○, and cultural confident window. The peoples congress system is the great creation of the Chinese people in the history of human political system. It is the fundamental political system of the partys leadership and the people in the country▽◇☆, and concentrate on the advantages and characteristics of socialist democratic politics. The Peoples Congress is guaranteed and supported by the Chinese people to make a master, ensuring that the future fate of the national and nations firmly in the hands of the people, playing an important role in the process of governing the country in accordance with the law, and is supporting the national governance syste!

China New Network Beijing May 27th (Reporter Yu Li) Beijing Customs Authority Post Office Customs Recently, in the entry postal express mail, the living fire, a total of 19 foreign fires, a total of 19. This is the first time in Beijing Port intercepted living fire. The Beijing Customs Authority is discovered when it is found in the express mail supervision site, and the X-ray machine image of an entry mail is abnormal. After opening◁★=◆, there is 1 size plastic fast food box in the email, and the box is equipped with a humid moss, a fern plant and a suspected lizard=▪●•. The content of the message is ●•▽•”ceramic vase” for “ceramic vase”-•▼, and the at-site customs officer immediately subtals the message according to law, and sent to the relevant agency for identification. After identification, a total of li◇▲△◁.

At 11 oclock in the morning of March 4=□, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference in the Peoples General Hall Press Release Office to answer questions from Chinese and foreign reporters•▷. The spokesperson who served as the conference will answer the reporters, and Zhang Yucai, deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the official website, Zhang Yucai was born in October 1953, is Hubei, graduated from Beijing Foreign Language University in 1975. He graduated into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since then, Zhang Yucais “Diplomatic Road▷▽” slowly launched: From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Speaker to the Assistant, Vice Minister=○▷◁, the Secretary for the United Nations, a constipation, counselor, resident◆△◇, resident, and special right•=■. Ambassador, a special ambassador to the United States. Zhang Yifeng◁-, male, born in October 1953, Hubei Province…□☆◇, graduated from university. 19.

Original title: Chinas all-round institution reform: politicians and is the national “two sessions▼…■” that have just closed▼◆■■, China has announced a heavy state institution reform program, integration▷□▲◁, and abolition, and the scope of the establishment of the State Council, covering the ecology Environment, agriculture, justice, finance, immigration policies, retired military affairs, etc. In 40 years of Chinas reform▼▪, the State Council has conducted 7 institutional reforms◁△◁, basically the word “minus”. For example, 1998 reforms☆★▪▪, the State Councils formulation department is adjusted to 29, and the administrative system is streamer. At the same time□●△, this State Council reform is more focused on “optimization”▽▷. Taking agriculture as an example-☆-, in the past◇•, the government-related government management functions were dispersed in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Water Resources, a?

Jinan, Jinan May 27 (Reporter Liang Ben) “Shandong Village Revitalization Promotion Regulations (hereinafter referred to as” Regulations ○▷△◁”) May 27th=□○▪, the 13th Peoples Congress=▷▽, Shandong Province, the twenty-eighth The meeting review will be officially implemented on July 1, 2021. Shi Xiao, deputy director of the Legal Work Committee of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Congress○■, said that the =◆”Regulations” has been introduced to fully implement the revitalization of rural resolution◁…▲◁, build a rural revitalization of Qilu samples-…▼, promoting comprehensive upgrading of agriculture▼□▪, and has a comprehensive development of rural and comprehensive development of farmers. On the afternoon, the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth Peoples Congress of Shandong Province held a press conference, introducing just fo. grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides gelatin

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