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Contacts.[rio verde industria de gorduras e proteinas ltda]China New Network on May 27th…★•, for the recent state of the Australian-African Africher and other people, the relevant statement held on the stage of Taiwan, at the routine press conference held by the Ministry of Defense, the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director, National Defense News People Tan Kefei said that we hope that Australia should not go more far from the wrong road☆•, and do more about the development of two military relations between China and Australia. At the meeting, there were reporters asked: According to reports, Australian prevention leaders recently said that there should be the possibility of conflicts in the sea sea. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior of the Macao said that the drums have already sounded, and Macau must prepare for the war. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Tan Kefei responded that there is only one in the world, Taiwan is not divided into Chin☆▷-!

Original title: How do national supervisors set up▲□◆? Today•▼▲, the 13th National Peoples Congress will listen to Li Jianguo, the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, on the draft of the Chinese Peoples Republic of China▲▪★◇. Previously, the third plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the constitutional amendment. Zheng Shina, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said that this partys central government decided an important factor to revise the constitution to deepen The need for monitoring system reform○…, a total of 21 constitutional amendments, 11 are the provisions involving the supervisory committee, and is amended to 11 of the original constitutions, and there is also a national institution. Increased the section of the Supervision Committee. Zheng Shina said that there is an important task in the reform of the national monitoring system, that …□•?

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) China-Myanmar border Yunnan Ruili will carry out the nature of all nuclear sieve testing in China…■, Kunming, May 27th (Han Shuai South) Yunnan Province Ruili New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters on the 27th announced, In order to maintain the failure of the epidemic prevention and control▷○, further strengthen the normalization of the epidemic☆-…, and the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters decided to carry out normally all-round nucleic acid screening inspection. According to the announcement▲★◆★, the main urban sampling time is from May 29 to 30, 2021△▲◇, and the townships and farm sampling time are May 31, 2021◆◁●△. The sampling range of the main city includes: Sister Guardian Community■…◆●; Yuxi Town Friendship Community, Sichuan Communit▪•◆.

Original title: This major diplomatic activity, why choose to Qingdao●•? Take the stack bridge and Qingdao Bay on May 4▲-◁★, 2018☆•=▷. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Xu Lei took the first head of state council after the expansion of Shanghai cooperation organization•=☆, will be held in Qingdao from 9th to 10th. Why is the event to address Qingdao? This international sailing and hackers have any stories that have to be said▪○▷? ○▲”Bihai Blue Sky” and “Green Tree Red Wat▼•=” are interspersed here – a song called “Qingdao”☆▷◇●, recently spreads many peoples friends circle•▲•. In the lyrics: red tile green trees, blue sea blue sky is the eternal symbol, the beautiful coastline puts happiness. This is the true portrayal of Qingdao-◁▪. The corner of the Qingdao Old Town●▪, which was taken on May 3☆★, 2018▲▽☆●. Xinhua News Agency, Li Ziheng, photographed in the famous •○▪□”Kong Mengzhi Township” Shandong, Qingd. industrial purification of outer surface proteins twinlab maxilife chicken collagen type ii

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