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[collagen powder peptides]Original title: [Site] After the four questioning regulatory committee, the female representative received the call from Liu Shis call◁☆○★. When I was invited to the Securities Regulatory Commission to communicate◇-=, “I talked about some suggestions for the stock market. I received the Securities and Regulatory Commission. Chairman Lius SMS and phone, he invited me to see the regulatory meeting .◇▷•.. “The National Peoples Congress said Fan Wei, I did not expect that Liu Shis chairman will personally contact her. During the two sessions this year, many representatives of Shanghai Group received the timely response of the national ministries and ministries. “I didnt expect to mention the recommendations of the representative◇◆★, and I would like to give a gratitude for the feedback speed of the National Ministries.” Chairman Liu invited us to go to the Securities Regulatory Commission to communicate “Shanghai delegation on March 5th Review venue, Fan Wei●▲, etc○=. The representative “Mandatory Defend” ◆▽…”The Return of the Unicorn Enterprises” “Listed Company is not divided into red.

Original title◁•■◁: Cultural and Tourism Minister 雒 雒: Develop a ◁▼■…”three-way” program, establish a working mechanism on March 20, Culture and Tourism Department Cadre Conference held in Beijing. Deputy Director of the Deputy Minister of the Central Organization, Deputy Director of the Standing Department of the Central Propaganda Department, Wang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Central Policy Research Office, Party Secretary, Minister of Culture and Tourism▼◇☆, Secretary of the Party Group•◇, deputy director Li Jin early attended the meeting and speaking…▲-. Li Qun★●□, Xiang Zhaolun, a member of the Culture and Tourism Leaders, Single Xiang, Liu Yuzhu, Chi Yun★=☆•, Zhang Xu, Dujiang, Li Shihong, Wang Xiaofeng◁■□, Yu Qun, Wei Hongtao attended the meeting. Zhou Zuyi announced the decision on the appointment of the leadership team of the Culture and Tourism Department and made an important speech on the implementation of good central decision-making deployment. Wang Xiaohui made a clear requirement for further strengthening the construction of cultural and touris-•.

Original title Public Security Department: I have returned the telecommunications network of the telecommunications from all over the year◆▪◇, 300 million yuan Xinhua News Agency Beijing, China▪★, China He has returned the people to be deceived by more than 300 million yuan. In recent years, telecommunications network fraud criminal activities have become more intensified, and the words of fraud are constantly refurbished, and people are unable to prevent▷▼△▽, and the whole society is deeply evil☆=•. The Ministry of Public Security organizes all local investigation departments to insist on investigation…▽◁, focusing on rectification, preventing governance, and launching violent offensive for telecommunications network fraud, effectively curbing growth momentum. In 2017, the national public security organs conducted 5•◆▷.37 million copies of telecommunications network fraud cases, down 6.1% year-on-year; cracked telecommunications network fraud case 7◁=.Contacts.