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Pectin manufacturer.[bovine collagen factory]Original title: Nie Chen Chara▪□▲, Vice Minister, Vice Minister of China■▪△◆, Director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Party Secretary ▼○”National Press and Public Work Safety Council Portal▷▪” WeChat Gao Jun◇▼▽•, March 21•◁…, March 21, the National Radio and Television Administration held cadres The General Assembly announced the decision on the establishment of the National Radio and Television General Administration and the leadership team▼▲◆▷. Nie Chen Chara was the deputy minister of the Central Propaganda☆▼△, the Secretary of the State Administration of Radio and Television★◁•, Party Secretary. Source: □-“National Press and Public Work Sector Portal▷▲” WeChat Board Responsibility Editor: Zhang !

Original title: National Peoples Congress, Dean of the School of Public Economics and Management, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: Promote state-owned asset reporting system, state-owned business management, profit data should refine the 21st century economic report◁=★□, Zhou Xuan increases the information disclosure of state-owned enterprise assets, Some of the 2018 budget reports have been embodied. In 2018, in 2018◇■, the second part is ••☆”Accelerate the Tax System Reform☆▲”•…•, including ◆□”establish and improve state-owned asset reporting mechanism, promote the implementation of national-owned assets of financial enterprises and related work” ■ Zhou Xi Beijing reported a budget report in recent years, more and more meticulous. On March 5th, the National Peoples Congress opened the first day, and the members found that the “about 2•○•…” about.

Original title◁☆◇■: After the new year of Wang Ru Lin, after a month of the National Committee of the CPPCC…-, Wang Ru Lin went to Gansu. According to the “CPPCC National Committee 2018 Consultative Program” and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, April 11 to April 15th, Wang Ru Lin, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and the deputy director of the Cultural and Wenshu and the Learning Committee, led the team to the “historical and cultural city name■◁” in Gansu. Total investigation of town protection. During Gansu, Linyi, secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, governor Tang Renjian■=, visited the development group. From April 13th to 14th, Wang Ru Lin led the investigation and research group to visit Zhangye City. The research team pointed out that it is necessary to scientifically plan, carefully organize, and effectively do a good job in repairing and development and utilization of historical sites. While doing full protection of the original appearance•-○•, further excavation of the collection and enrichment of the ruins of the ruin▼△◇.

Original title: State-owned Enterprise Mix Upgrade Group will meet the important breakthroughs of state-owned state-owned enterprises○■▷☆, this year, mixed all system reforms (hereinafter referred to as “mixing△•…★”) will usher in upgraded version, especially in the group level▼•▽▲. Breakthrough. The ◆◇◇○”Economic Reference Report” reporter learned during the two sessions, in increasing the intensity of mixing-•△◁, while expanding the pilot, multiple places and enterprises proposed in the group level exploration mixing plan, China Eastern Aviation Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as ★★◁”Eva Group •●▪☆”) Application Report on the reform of the Group Corporation level has been submitted to the Party Committee of the State Administration of State. As an important part of state-owned enterprises, employee holdings will also be further opened at the end of the year, among them, China Electronics has been approved by 2 military enterprises pilot employee shares. Mixing is taken into a substantial pace resul. hydrolyzed grenetine gelatin capsules price

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