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edible gelatin china collagen powder target=_blank>marine fish collagen peptide Original title○☆: Vietnam has a statement of South China Sea○○▪, this time is the Prime Minister of the Vietnamese Government of Indonesia▷□▷•, Shi Chunfu, Chairman◇★•, Ocean, Indonesia▷▲, Ocean Co-ordination Minister Lufurt. (Image Source: Y Yichang) China Nanhai News Network March 29th According to Y Yedong News reported on the 28th○△■=, on the afternoon of March 28th in the government headquarters, the Vietnamese government Prime Minister Yan Chunfu is visiting Indonesian Ocean Coordination of Indonesia in Vietnam. Luhou Binhal Pan Jietan▽▷☆. When you met☆•▼◇, Yan Chunfu said that Vietnam and Indonesia are ASEAN member states, which maintain close cooperation in bilateral relations and even regions. During the period, Qi Chunfu reiterated Vietnam in maintaining peace and security in the South China Sea, that is, compliance with international law and resolved disputes through peaceful measures. On the same day, Y Y Yedong has reported that the French President Marcro will invite the central governmen.

Original title: Guangdong Qingyuan Police: ☆◁”Guangdong Yingde★=◇, a boy rabies attack”, the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) For the online hot “Yingde one boy is biting, no rabies vaccine, sudden attack” video Today, (March 2)•▽◇, the Net Police Detachment of Qingyuan Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province rumors that the network police detachment understands the related epidemic prevention department of Yingde City★▪-□, and the response recently did not receive the rabies, the information and videos Belonite•◁□◇. A video obtained by the Beijing News reporter showed that a boy was controlled by three adults on the chair●◇○□, and the boy kept crying and issued a dogs voice○▽…. For the above video, some netizens released the information that the boy was bitten by his own dog▲◁□, and did not play a vaccine at the time. There are also netizens said that “this family is Guangdong Yi protein supplements industry uk▲▽.

Original title: The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference is in Xinwei•△: The Game Grade System should be established as soon as possible-★, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference is particularly concerned with the social topic related to the minor. Photographing / Legal Evening News · View Journalist Zhang Rui Law Board · Views News (Reporter Zhang Rui) Although the previous 20-year provincial and municipal government conference▷◆, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was elected, Yu Xin Wei is still ahead. Her other identity is the deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Committee, the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Vice Chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, deputy principal of Guangzhou University. As a woman, the mind is very delicate, and is very concerned about the social topic related to the minor. For example, she has found that many people have commented on the game online games, so it is recommended to introduce mandatory grading standards as soon as possible to prevent union players from adding online tour□●★. “To develop…▲, operate the ro protein engineering in industrial biotechnology★▽.pdf.porcine gelatin