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Gelatin wholesale anti aging hand cream with collagen ballistics gel recipe,[plant protein industry]Consumers voted to sell “counter belt” lost “mature” and other reports have not been qualified, the Guangzhou Internet Court sentenced to the case of Cao Ms. Virgin◆★, ◆◁△”selling fake gucci belts”, the court dismissed Ms. Cao The request for “fake one lost ten” and identified as a final judgment◁▲. On March 18 this year, Vipshop GUCCI campaign held a promotion, the original price of 2949 yuan, the landslide of the rack of the male and female belt◇•, after the discount is only 2549 yuan=○△. However□▪□▽, some consumers were found to be inappropriate after purchasing, and then they were shipped on the NPP. The result was detected as a fake. Ms▷▽•○. Cao●◆▼, Ms. Cao is one of them■=…. March 29th, mature.

Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 28 (Reporter Cai Minyi) Guangdong Provincial Peoples Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Chief Physician Chardee recently participated in the “elimination of cervical cancer, health China in action▼•…▼” science patrol, HPV vaccination is not special Taboo▷■▪, but for women with birth plans•●☆…, it is recommended to vaccinate again after delivery or lactation☆◁◆◁. At the same time, the new crown vaccination in the near future is recommended to ensure that the two vaccine inoculates at least two weeks when planning the vaccination of HPV vaccines and new crown vaccines. During the vaccination process of the vaccination, you should explain to the doctor in a timely manner, and press the vaccination in accordance with the inoculation requirements. Cervical cancer is glob.

Original title-★-▪: Air Force is rare 182 days◆•◇•, the world is playing night. Military fans◆•△: Is the drill fried a slag? [Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] Not long ago, there is a rumor about the earthquake: “China Earthquake Administration Network officially determined: 20:29 on March 28th in Taiyi Huangmei (30.37 degrees north latitude, 115.53 degrees East) 3.9 earthquake, 66 kilometers of epicenter sources. ” According to Hubei Daily-Huanggang News Network, the clarification report of Huanggang News Network■◆★, around 20:46 on March 28◇••☆, Huangmei County Earthquake Administration, the Huangmei County, Hubei Province, was received by the masses to reflect the vibration report of many abnormalities and windows. After receiving▲○◁, the county earthquake bureau promptly and verifies the earthquake situation in the monitoring and forecast center of the Provincial Earthquake Administration, and verifies that the monitoring information of the earthquake in Huangmei County has not been found. Post with Sus▽▲.

Original title: The US own industry is less competitive and restricts high-tech products exports, and imports need to import the consumption level exceeding its production capacity – China-US trade deficiency, from the reporter Wang Wei••, “China The topic of trade deficit is once again discussed•…◆■. On March 22nd, the US President Turns signed a memorandum, based on the US Trade Representative Office announced on China 301 survey report•◁, and the directive departments took restrictions on China. There is a view that an important reason for the US move is that it is desirable to reduce the trade deficit in China. According to media reports◁▲△▷, the US statistics of Chinas trade deficit exceed 100 billion US dollars. However, for the US statistics, many experts believe that “is not accurately overestimated”. Director of the University of South California University Multinational Legal Trade Cent.

Original title: Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture Han Changfu: China will increase the agricultural cooperation with African National Agricultural Cooperation Xinhua News Agency◇▷…▪, Beijing▽■=, China Sharing experience in Chinas agricultural development and will continue to increase agricultural cooperation with African countries. At the 13th National Peoples Congress of the 13th National Peoples Congress held on the same day, China has built a agricultural technology promotion demonstration center in 14 countries in Africa☆■, showing Chinas agricultural technology to African friends=▷. In addition, China also selection a large number of experts to help African countries••◆, especially the least developed countries, and invite the African agricultural technicians and the agricultural sector to manage and visit China. In agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides☆▪○, et=◇.