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[bloom of gelatin]If we look from the worlds history of the human society-◆, then the Chinese nation has undoubtedly wrote a brilliant chapter in this historical change, achieving the suffering and giving a brilliant leap. For more than a hundred years, the historical vicissitudes of the earth in China have witnessed the ……■”Can■◁” of the Chinese Communist Party◁△▷. The Chinese Communist Party “can=▪•■” is that the Chinese Communists have always based in the peoples position and lead the people to create history•◁=. Marxism believes that the people are historical creators☆▲▼▲, which promotes the fundamental power of social development. Since the establishment of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communists have always been standing with the people, wholehearted.

Original title●◆•◇: Heilongjiang Tiger Lin Chao More 110••,000 mu of cultivated land is returned to state villagers: I dont recognize the source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice “News□•■★” report▽▷▼: the land is the “life root” of farmers. In recent years, the State Council of the Party Central Committee has passed many times, emphasizing stabilizing rural land contractual relationships, protecting farmers cultivation. However, in the Heilongjiang Province Ji Xihu Lin City, a state-owned land of state-owned land is being promoted, and the farmers will land and cultivate many years of land, and the village collectively returns to state. The advancement of this work caused a large discussion in the local area. Tiger Citys state-owned land collection actions launched in mid-this year-▽•▲, mainly involving 112,000 mu of cultivated land from three townships in the local area. The reporter finds that some farmers have opposed the cleaning and collecting a large objection to the land of the land, making it clear.

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce is talking about poverty alleviation◆□: 2017 e-commerce poverty alleviation has covered 499 poverty-stricken counties Overseas network on March 11th at 10:00 am, the 13th National Peoples Congress★◁, a Meeting News Center held a journalist According to the Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce, the deputy director and the deputy director of the International Trade Negotiation▪△, and the deputy director Qian Keming has answered questions about China and foreign journalists. There are reporters asked, what are the expected results of the Ministry of Commerce for the business of the business poverty alleviation? Minister of Commerce said that next step is to do 5 poverty alleviation=◆-▷. Among them○=▲, there are e-commerce poverty alleviation▲△▷◇, promote e-commerce into the countryside, help rural areas of specialty agricultural products out of the mountains, walk into the city=▽○=, sell a good price, cultivate a batch of ri.