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[protein food industry]Zhongxin Net Kunming May 28 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department issued a news report…◁-: On the same day, the 105th■★◁●, the old▼△▲, the old, the old○▼▲▲, the old Mym Thai Mekong River, the law enforcement action is successfully completed, and 4 ships participated in this action Chinas law enforcement boats returned to China to China▷•★▷. The four countries sent five law enforcement boats, 122 law enforcement officers, 4 days 3 nights, and more than 700 kilometers. The joint patrol law enforcement formation adopts the combination of the whole line and segmented water patrols, and the combination of intensive and mobile land is in combination with 62 vehicles, 97 personnel, 28 tons of goods, and 125 anti-drug leaflets◇•. The figure shows the 105th•-▲, old, old Myanme.

Original title: The United States shot! How do China be accompanied by▲-•? US President Trump local time was signed at the White House in the White House at noon on the 22nd day, announced that the “301 survey” was announced, and the import of paying attention to the goods from China from China, the US investment is limited. The WTO takes action for China. China will respond. The Chinese embassy in the United States said that China does not want to fight trade war, but it is not afraid of trade war-■△•, confidence, and ability to deal with any challenge. If the US is insisted to play★■▼★, we will accompany the end and take all necessary measures to resolute defend their legitimate rights and interests. A few hours later, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of aborted reduction products for US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures◁▪, and intended to approximately $ 3 billi.

Original title: Tsinghua wants to carry “four books and five passages•●”▽▷•, Wu Da cancel the ☆◇■•”new concept◆○…■” priority qualification With last week Peking University, Tsinghua and other famous schools announced the 2018 independent enrollment brief, all major universities have opened the prelude to independent enrollment■-▷. It is reported that there are currently 90 colleges and universities in the country▷■▼□, in the country, 77 colleges and universities are enrolled nationwide, and the rest are facing local enrollment. As of the press release, there are currently 55 colleges and universities have announced an independent admissions. Peking University said that this years self-enrollment ordinary category is reduced to a line of admission==★, the medical class can fall by 40 points, and the enrollment conditions still include the high school stage to participate in the college finals. If there is no competition, it can be achieved in related professional learning practices. It is understood that Peking Universi.

Original title: Strengthen political parties to promote civilized progress (bells) “Peoples Daily” (May 29, 2018) China actively building political party exchange platform, exploring the establishment of the new party relationship between the establishment of the contrast, mutual respect, mutual learning It helps the political parties to undertake the historical mission of building the community of human fate, opening up the sun avenue of human civilization, from May 26th to 28th, the Chinese Communist Party and the World Political Parties High-level dialogue meeting held in Shenzhen, Guangdong☆●◇. Within the framework of the topic○◆-, ●△▪-“The Story of the Communist Party of China – Xi Jinpings New Times Chinese Characteristics in Guangdong Practice” Topic Association▷…▷▽, Memorial Marxs 200th Anniversary Seminar▼◁●△, the 4th China-Non-Young Leaders Forum and The second session of the Chinese and Russian Forum was held successivel.

Original title◇●◆△: Zhangzhou takes eight ☆□●□”thick gifts” treat =△”good people△○”◇◆•; yesterday, new regulations helped moral model and good people, will give preferential treatment in employment, medical, housing, etc., so that good people have good news – On April 4th, Anhui Cangzhou City introduced the courtesy to help the moral model and good peoples implementation method○…☆, helping “good people” in eight aspects□■, medical, housing, travel, etc◆-., attracted a good voice in the local area. According to reports, holding the ★□▲”moral model and good people of the Cangzhou Civilization Office” and my ID card “, you can take the bus free of charge, and apply the driving school to the motor vehicle drivers license can reduce tuition fees. You can also carry two Free visit to all national A level scenic spots in the city=◇. In the citys major festive commemoration activities☆★◁•, the opening ceremony, large-scale cultural performances and other mass spiritual civilizati. collagen liquid drink best gelatin supplementsPectin manufacturer.

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