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Gelatin capsule,[industrially produced proteins]Original title: Automatic import and export license for Beijing-Tianjin to 1 Work Day Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 21 (Reporter Gao Jian) ​​reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce that Beijing and Tianjin business sector have been jointly formulated Announcement on Further Optimizing the Environmental Environment to Improve the Planning of Beijing – Tianjin Cross-border Trade Convenience to enhance cross-border trade facilitation and further optimize the business environment. Among them●◇○, the automatic import license and the approval time limit for the export license are compressed from the original 5 working days to 1 working day. Ke Yongguo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commerce, introduced 17 measures▷•, mainly including six aspects, one is to reduce import and export license examination and approval level◆▽△=, improve approval efficiency; second☆-●□, deepening customs clearance; Inspection and quarantine implementation =△•”two excelle▽□?

Original title: Why is the procuratorate public interest lawsuit? Author 丨 Pengbo Li Fu, “From July 2017 to January 7 months, the national procuratorate has a total of 9497 cases of public welfare lawsuit■•▼◆, but only 272 in the lawsuit•□▪●. Does this mean prosecution▽☆•? Is the agency that there is difficulties in public welfare litigation=▽? “At the Press Conference, the Supreme Peoples Court and the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, in accordance with the public welfare litigation work, the media reporter problem is sharp☆◁=-. As the number reflected, from the 2015 procuratorate pilot=●, the public welfare litigation case has begun, and huge disasters between cases and final prosecution cases have attracted extensive attention from the media and the public▽◇…. At todays press conference, when the media will mention aga▼△▷.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Xu Xiaoying△▪, Wang Yutian) was known as the =•▲•”resignation△…” of the treasures of contemporary knowledge to launch the online version in Shanghai on the 27th▼○. The thick •-“resignation” can also “loading◆▷☆◁” pockets, ready to access the Internet. “The Sea” is my countrys iconic large-scale resignation, integral dictionary▼▼○□, Chinese dictionary and encyclopedia. At present, “Dangs” has been enrolled to the seventh edition, including 130◆○=,000 words Treaty. The =△◆▽”Dangs” online version of the launched▷▲•, based on mobile Internet usage habits•=, providing access channels such as official website and mobile client, convenient for readers. In addition, it is also supported to launch a resignation of WeChat and learning power. Fr.

China New Network May 27th, the WeChat public number of the Beijing Weather Committee, 0:00 to 24 May 26▽◆◁, Beijing has no new local confirmed cases, suspected cases and sexy infections; new 1 case input Regardless cases, no new suspected cases and non-symptoms☆▪. Case: Chinese, May 23, from Zimbabwe, arrive at Beijing Capital Airport on May 25△…▲☆, and the Customs has been carried out by health and nucleic acid detection, and the closed-loop management is sent to the centralized isolation hotel; From May 26th, the result of the designated hospital, comprehensive epidemic history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination◇■=•, etc…◁○▼., the diagnosis is diagnosed▼•□■, clinic▽□□ naticol fish collagen peptides 250 bloom gelatin powder!

Original title: China Nepal will once again military exercise again, and this is extra •▪△”Urgent★●” [Global Times Station, India “Hu Bofeng]●●•□” India Times “reported that China and Nepal will be in mid-September this year The joint military exercise of =□●★”Everest Friendship-2018” was held in Chengdu•◇◇, Sichuan. The newspaper said that even if Nepal is careful in diplomatic policies, it is still worried about India and Chinas “military diplomacy”. According to reports, this exercise is 10 days, and the main drills are disasters, combat terrorism. This is the second success of China. In April last year, the first Zhong Ni ◁▽▼▼”Everest Friendship-2017″ military performance focused on the rebellion and anti-terrorism. Hold in Kathmandu in Nepal……●. “India Times▽☆” said that consideri. black gelatin capsules fish gelatin for capsule production