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[is gelatin a polymer]Original title: Xu Lei, the CPPCC, Xu Lei suggested: establishing a national cultural strategy, building a cultural power, Xu Li, cultural and prosperous, and a strong nationality. Without a high degree of cultural confidence, there is no prosperity of culture, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation◇▲◇☆. Socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era●-△, cultural▲=▼◁, especially literary and prosperous development, prosperity and prosperous, the main melody is more loud, and positive energy is more powerful, and cultural self-confidence is demonstrated★○…. Especially the art cause▼…, under the joint efforts of the colleagues in China•★=◇, create a large number of batch of batch of batch of qi, temperature, can show the Chinese style◇-○, Chinese style. These works have walked out of the national gates and presented the art galleries and museums around the world. However, it is obvious that the presentation of these exhibitions and works has not formed a joint forc.

Original title▼□●•: Trump provokes the trade war, the first to be injured is it! On March 23, Beijing time△•□, US President Trump signed a memorandum in the White House▽◇◇…, announced based on the ☆○”301 survey” results, will levy high tariffs from China imported commodity mass▪●○, China-based investment-◆▽◆, US $ with the WTO Take action against China. Trump said that the United States will import it from $ 60 billion to increase tariffs from China◆☆◆●. He said that these practices will make the United States more powerful and rich. US government senior officials revealed that the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) will publish a list of goods within 15 days, covering 1300 products-▪△▲. At the same time, the US Treasury will also take programs for China-based investment in the US science and technology sector within 60 days△•. China News Service Reporter Liao P?

Original title: 21 days, the same system falls 6 offices Source▽•◁: Changan Street•▼◆★, I have retired for nearly 2 years, May 18, Jilin Provincial Traffic Investment Group former Chairman Qiu Zhuang once again entered peoples vision. It is only no longer a “May 1st Labor Medal” winner☆◆, but the provincial discipline supervision committee announced that the horse was announced. Changan Street○●▲■, Id◆▲☆■: CapitalNews, combed, found that the recent transportation field reproduces the dense anti-corruption signal▷▷●○, Yang Tingjun, deputy director of Henan Communications Department=◇•, deputy director of Heilongjiang Communications Department, was investigated; at the end of April, the deputy general of Shenyang Railway Bureau Manager Wang Mang, member of the Jilin Transportation Department Party Group Chen Lihua, Ningxia Transportation Deputy inspector Zhang Xingguo attacked in 2 days▲◁●. 21 days▼◆, the traffic system falls into the six-level cadres edible gelatin! Qiu Zhuang official announc?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27th: Epidemic prevention and control should be early, small, strict, real-eighth edition of new gown pneumonia prevention and control plan points perspective Xu Penghang recently, necrosal pneumonia epidemic still show the spread of outbreaks The external defense input pressure continues to increase-●■. Domestic Anhui, Liaoning■•◁-, Guangdong has an epidemic, reminds us to prevent and control cannot be relaxed○▼. In order to further guide the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia, the State Council is printed in the •▼”New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Prevention Mode (Events)”△=▪. What are the following aspects of the epidemic prevention and control? Experts explain this. Not only must I “prevent people◇☆” also want -▪□”anti-protection” from May 13▷▽○, Anhui, Liaonin?

Original title: The Peoples Congress is committed supplement collagen☆▪! The new spokesperson also responded to these “” issues this morning, the 13th National Peoples Congress◇★, the press conference held in the Great Hall of the People. The spokesperson of the General Assembly Zhang Ye appeared pectin candy■•… Pure collagen industrial grade technical gelatin,! In the face of the reporter, Zhang Yucuo saw the move○◁□△, one or one. Peoples Daily client quickly combed. 1▪▲▽☆. Ten agenda meeting will open on March 5th, on March 20th, the meeting is 15 days▽=□. Top ten agenda of this conference◆△●: Consideration of Government Work Report Review Report Review Budget Report Consideration Constitution Amendment Review Supervision Law Draft Consideration of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Consideration Supreme Peoples Court Work Report Consideration Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Work Report Consideration State Council Reform Progr.