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[protein purification in industry]70 years is a history of struggle in China, we have died of maternal mortality from 1500/100□■☆,000 to 16◇□▪△.9 / 100◁★▽,000 to drop the baby mortality from 200 ‰ to 5.4 ‰ numbers behind it is a fresh life and family. Chinas health is also a 70 years of Chinas efforts to survive the problem to arrive in the extended prosperity△■, “Liuye knife■☆□□” online “willow knife Chinese female reproduction, maternal★★•, newborns, children and adolescent health special Report “(hereinafter referred to as the report) summarizes the huge achievements of womens reproductive, maternal and child●◆, and adolescent health. From survival to prosper, let us understa?

Original title: The CPC Central State Council on comprehensive strengthening of ecological environmental protection and resolutely laying on pollution prevention and control, CCTV news (News Network): The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued “The Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environment and Resolutely Protecting Pollution Prevention and Treatment”◆…▼. The “Opinions” proposed, entering the new era△•●●, solving the contradiction between the growing needs of the people and the unbalanced development of the unbalanced and unsuitable development of ecological environmental protection-…. We must deeply understand the situation facing the ecological environment, and in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts. Adhere to the eclectic•==, Xinling, adhere to people and natural harmony, and adhere to the green mountains◇•, Jinshan Yinshan, adhere to the good ecological environment is the most popular peoples livelihood Welfare……, adhere to the lake of lake, Lake▽●☆△, is a life community▷□◇◆, and insist on using the most stringent syste.

On May 26th local time●▼, the United States issued a statement that got a heartbeat, launched a new round of virus traceability, and retrapening the goal again. The new coronal neoguan pneumonia virus that swept the globe should be global, while in the eyes of the US government, only staring at China, staring at Wuhan◁▲. US President Biden requires the US intelligence industry to double efforts-▲-, collect and analyze information about 2019 coronary virus disease (COVID-19) origin, and report results to the president after 3 months. Once, China encountered a Double interference of Trumps US anti-v.curcous and unreasonable ☆••-“锅▷●•”. On the issue of epidemics, the United States has made a fundamental fact that China has made significant contributions to international cultural discharg?

Original title: State Council▼□•○: Streamline scientific research project declaration requirements reduce unnecessary material data: researchers are working▪•=. China News News Reporter Sun Zififa Photo New Network July 24th According to the Chinese Government Network, the State Council recently issued a notice on optimizing scientific research management to improve research performance◇○. The notice requires optimizing research projects and fund management-=◆□, including simplifying research project declarations and process management▷△●, streamline research project declaration requirements, and reducing unnecessary declaration materials. Notification requires simplified research project declaration and process management. Focus on national major strategic tasks, optimize the formation mechanism of the central financial and technological plan project, and reasonably determine the number of items. Accelerate the improvement of the national science and technology management information system, and the central financial science and technology plan (special, fund, etc-▷▪.) project is included in the end of 2018-◁. Gradual!

Original title▪◇: State-owned Enterprise Mix Upgrade Group will meet the important breakthroughs of state-owned state-owned enterprises▽▲=◁, this year, mixed all system reforms (hereinafter referred to as “mixing”) will usher in upgraded version, especially in the group level. Breakthrough. The “Economic Reference Report” reporter learned during the two sessions◆=••, in increasing the intensity of mixing, while expanding the pilot, multiple places and enterprises proposed in the group level exploration mixing plan, China Eastern Aviation Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Eva Group •■•★”) Application Report on the reform of the Group Corporation level has been submitted to the Party Committee of the State Administration of State. As an important part of state-owned enterprises◆-■◆, employee holdings will also be further opened at the end of the year, among them, China Electronics has been approved by 2 military enterprises pilot employee shares•▪☆. Mixing is taken into a substantial pace resul? bulk gelatin capsules protein snack industry About Us.

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