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[china natural gelatin supplier]Original title: The new concept of integration of the new ministries and commissions will be the new concept of the new ministerial committee…▽. In a piece of applause, the red cloth was slow, and the National Health and Health Committee was officially unveiled. Subsequently, the staff took photos before the new house=■=●, recorded this historic moment. Recently, similar scenes also staged many newly established ministries. In accordance with the requirements of ◁◇”Deepening the Reform Plan of the Party and National Institutions”◇■, the New Section and Construction Committee has been listed. The new ministries have formed a new team and deploy new work and show new. Online listing online more artistic observations found that as of March 28, the National Health and Health Committee, Culture and Tourism Department and other ministries have hanged new cards. Environmental Protection Department, Department of Land and Resources□★, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, et.

Beijing residence permit◆◇▼△. China New Network Reporter Ma Xingling Time▲▲, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to promote the key tasks of new urbanization construction in 2018▷◇•, pointing to the comprehensive relaxation of urban settlements●▪. Among them, exploring the inter-regional transmissive points and transfer of the mobile phone○•☆, exploring the resident population of renting a housing in the urban public account, 2018 realized 13 million people in the city. Notice points out that the graduates of colleges and vocational colleges, and the returnees and technical workers have implemented zero thresholds. It will promote the ability to have a new generation of migrant workers who have a stable employment in the town, in the urban employment◆•-, lived in agricultural transfer population, rural students, and join the army into the urban population to settle in the city=○. Among them△◆•, small and medium-sized cities and construction towns should be fully released■□–. Big ci.

Original title: The mainland collects Taiwan resident personal information through residence permit◇▲◇? The National Term Office responded to Overseas Network September 12th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on September 12 at 10:00 am, and responded to the recent hotspot. Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter question■▲: My problem is also the residence permit▲□. The Taiwan authorities claim that the continent has passed the production of residence permits, collecting the personal information of Taiwan residents and fingerprint information. What is the response of the spokesman▼◆□? An Fengshan said that the Taiwanese residents of the United States residents have a built-in chip, register fingerprints, mainly for the convenience of documents and prevent counterfeiting◁◆●-. In the era of informationization, such practices are very common, and the ID card of mainland residents has such a request. In doing so, on the one hand▪★★•, it can effectively use the existing resident ID car○■.

Yang Chicang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport◆■…, answered questions. Profile picture / Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing to take a car, webmark, share bicycle ..☆•◇. travel problems always care about the focus. Recently, Yang Chicang, member of the National Committee of China•▷▪◆, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport△▽□…, received an interview with Beijing News reporters•★, this year, the Ministry of Communications will continue to actively develop new technologies•=▷■, new models and new technologies in the field of transportation in transportation. For the supervision of sharing bicycles in the □▽▷”wind…★”▲◇•□, the deposit refund is difficult and other, Yang Chuan responded that the governance of the bicycle needs to adhere to the principle of multi-party rules…▪▼, and the supervision method for deposit and prepaid is being developed. Release implementation as soon as possible after approved by the work program. 1 Talk about reform to expand high-speed road division differentiati?About Us gelatin used in ice cream ankur protein industries ltd,