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[protein food industry]Original title■△○: Social Sciences expects GDP growth of 6.9% in the first half of the year, Liu Qing this year-▷□◆, “Government Work Report◁▷”, 2018, the main expectation of the development is “6.5% in China.•▲☆” The Financial Strategy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expects that the growth of GDP growth in the first half of this year will be around 6□▷■△.9%, and the annual growth target is not issued. The “NAES Macroeconomic Situation Quarter Analysis]” NAES Macroeconomic Situation Quarter Analysis “(Juita 2018)-▼” is held in Beijing. According to the National Institute of Financial Strategy, the 2017 economic growth is driven by the supply side reform=▼=▪, real estate investment=◇=, infrastructure investment, net export improvement, etc▷▽◇▼., these factors in 20.

Original title: Interview with Secretary of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee◁●, Ding Zhongli, to establish a scientific research evaluation system with the times on March 17th=◆▼◇, the fifth plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress=□☆△, held in the Great Hall of the People…=. The conference election has produced the leaders of the new National Peoples Congress Standing Committee●☆◁△. On the evening, the newly elected Ding Zhongli, who was elected as the deputy chairman of the National Peoples Congress▷●=◆, was a guest of the Peoples Network, and exchanged online communication with netizens. To establish a scientific research and evaluation system that advancing with the times: We often talk about the scientific evaluation system☆▽, in fact★■, all units have fixed, my country has no unified scientific evaluation system, some calling, some calling performance points, According to the score, I will give you three or six nineteen=◁•, and hook your salary income. This evaluation is in our national scientific resear.

Original title○■: To alleviate the development of the deficit, the “Peoples Daily” (June 13★▲, 2018) is to reach the people, this is the moral consciousness of the Chinese nation inheriting thousands of years, promoting human beings together Progress is the political consciousness of socialist China, “Confucius Deng Dongshan and Xiaolu, and Xiaoxianshan.▲□◆” The 18th Meeting of the Heads of Shanghai Cooperation Organizations, the 18th meeting of the Qingdao, successfully concluded, and Xi Jinpings important speech in the worlds general publicity■▲□☆. President Xi Jinping puts forward the development concept, safety concept, cooperation, civilized concept and global governance of todays era•◇, and the global governance concept, which has specified the common progress of countries in the worlds various varietions. Among them, the development concept is answered that the roots determine the peoples well-being and the international situation tren?

Original title: The first meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference (March 2, 2018–○, the first meeting of the Thirteenth National Committee of the CPPCC) March 3 (Saturday) 3 pm At the beginning of the 13th meeting, the 13th meeting of the CPPCC will be 1=•△▪. Listening to the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC 2. Listening to the Standing Committee of the CPPCCs Standing Committee on proposal on March 4 (Sunday) at 9:00 am (Review of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee) At 3 oclock in the afternoon (consideration of the Standing Committee Work Report and Proposal) Report of Work Situation) Opening of the 13th National Peoples Congress of 13 March (Monday)▼☆. list! gelatine leaf wholesale collagen tripeptideAbout Us.

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