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[fish collagen peptide]China News Service (Feng Zhijun Cao Mei Lin) Since the beginning of this year, the fruit of Gansu☆▽▼◁, the ▼△△◁”Chinese Duxe”, continued to broaden the ▼▪●”friends circle”, and 527 tons of Dunhuang red dates and grapes have been Take the table on the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan●●•★, Canada and other countries◆◁. Lanzhou Customs released the news report that the 1◁●□.6-ton red dates product from Dunhuang recently exported to the United States in Dunhuang Airport, Dunhuang Airport▪☆★▽, Lanzhou Customs○◁. This is the first time in Dunhuangs red dates to enter the US market==. In order to reduce the influence of the epidemic, the relationship from the source of field plants, guiding corporate science planting, further enhanced the quality and safety of agricultural products in export characteristics◇■◁=. Dunhua.

Xinhua News Agency◇■▷▲, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) A study released on the 27th of the University of Bristol, England, said that women who smoke during pregnancy may increase the risk of congenital heart disease. The international team led by the school has conducted detailed analysis of relevant maternity and health data of more than 230,000 families in Europe. The researchers evaluated the effects of mothers physical quality index, smoking, alcohol intake on the risk of future generations in congenital heart disease▷△. Relevant results have been published in the ★□○◁”Magazine of American Heart Society”. The results show that children who have smoking during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from the priority heart disease. Research also found that wom△▷-▼.

Zhongxin Net Shenyang May 27th (Li Wei) According to the news conference message held on the 27th of the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office▼△○, 2021 “Shengjing Cup” Shenyang Industrial Design Competition officially launched. Industrial design is known as the soul of industrial civilization□=▷●. Industrial design has become a global new economic growth point and important support. Many developed countries and emerging industries have attached great importance to industrial design★…▷, regarding their key elements that achieve economic intensive growth and advancing national innovation strategies. Zhao Kai, deputy director of Shenyang Innovation Transformation Center, said that 2021 “Shengjing Cup” Shenyang Industrial Design Competition has been listed as one of the major activities of the municipal government this year. This competition is from the Lord of the Peoples Government of Shenyang Municip○□▷☆.

Original title○○•: illegally invading the protected area more than a thousand acres, “Circular Industry Park” becomes “pollution source▲•□★”? As a national “urban mineral●◁-” demonstration base, what is the renewable resource circular economy demonstration zone in Ningxia Lingwu City=■■◇? Is it in the national nature reserve? Why is the largest pollution source in the “Circular Economy” hat Recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group has been inspected to supervise the park. In the past two years, the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Committee has become ■•”hand-made shopkeeper”. The local government hopes to re-discovery in the “Reprotice•–▷”△◇◆, and ignore the rectification of central environmental inspections in 2016. Requirements, leading to the land of protected areas that have not been exited from the park▽▽◁, environmental pollution is still protruding□△◇. On June 19, the inspectors learned about the situation to the staff in a car dismantling company-…▷. Xinhua News Agen▽◆○.