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[gelatin fertilizer]Xinhua News Agency, on May 26, Chinas resident of the United Nations Zhang Jun speaking at the Syrian Political Humanity of the Security Council on the 26th, the United Nations…○◁, in particular the Security Council to vigorously promote the Syrian crisis to end the Syrian people▪-◁▷. Zhang Jun said that we must fully promote the political resolution of Syrian issues. China supported the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General=▲□▷, the Special Envoy, the special envoy of the Syrian, China, continued to promote resolution 2254 of the Security Council, calling on the Saruce Community to maintain communication, and promoted the Constitutional Committee on the basis of the existing consensus. The work of the Constitutional Committee must maintain independence and are not subject to external interference. It should be ensured that the Syrian political process is -★●▽”dominated by people◁▼●☆”▲△. !

Original title: Who is the member of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference? Cover Journalist Xiong Haoran Duirui Beijing Great Hall East Gate One of the “main battlefields◇•▼●” of the news war. This channel is the only way to list the Ministers of the State Council of the National Peoples Conference. Every year, “National Two Sessions”▼★, there are reporters to interview with the Minister of this “Square”◁■-▷. This channel is also referred to as “ministerial channel☆□”□◁. Data Source: Xinhuanet Xin Wen Studio This year☆■★, ▼△○◇”Minister Channel” added new content. On March 1st, the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference issued a news, according to the arrangement of the General Assembly, scheduled to March=•◆○.

Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Mayor, Sanya City, Adong▼◇◆•: Sanya is located in the tourist gold line, the forest coverage rate is 69%, and the air quality excellent rate is 99%. Only 760,000 people in Sanya, but the annual tour will receive more than 20 million people, the Spring Festival Golden Week receives 1 million people☆▷□◆, there are many troubles▷□▷, such as tourism quality does not reach international standards■◇, there is a ticket in the Spring Festival, it is difficult to find, city congestion, etc. problem. Adong: The next step is effort in the following aspects-★○△: 1▲=▪. Protect the blue sea blue sky of Sanya, let the Chinese and foreign tourists are as moving, let the green hills are greener, the sea is blue•☆, and the air is clearer. We will never exchange economic growth for the expense of the ecological environment Pure collagen. gelatin bovine! Sanya will not be in the processing factory of real estate bovine collagen peptide uk protein bar industry sales collagen vitamins! Adong: 2. Create an international tourism consumption center▪•, let Sino-foreign tourists comfortable, focusing on the theme music with international influen?

Original title: Yuanyuan night PM2.5 year-on-year reduction 3 into Xinjing News (Reporter Deng Qi) During the Spring Festival this year, the new rules of fireworks and firecrackers were prohibited▷▷•. In the case of the obvious deviation of atmospheric diffusion conditions, this years Lantern night PM2.5 peak It is still a year-on-year by 33.8%. Yesterday, Beijings heavy pollution continued. Today◇▲…=, the north wind is smashed, and overall is mild pollution. In addition, since the winter last year, the precipitation in Beijing is the least year in 1951□◆-. Suburban air pollution is in the urban Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, yesterday, this years Lantern Festival night▼■, in the case of significant deviation with diffusion conditions compared with the previous year, the growth rate of PM2.5 concentration has decreased significantly, and the peak concentration is significantly reduced. Lantern Festival night PM2.5 maximum small concentration is 153 micrograms / cubic meters, than 2○◁■△.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Government Work Report The person in charge of the drafting group: Take the smallest 7 years old, the 9-year-old 105-year-old Beijing News News (Reporter Shawang Wangu) March 5th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference, government work The person in charge of the drafting group reported that Huang Shouhong◁◆▷▪, director of the State Council Research Office, interpreted the situation of government work reports. He introduced that the report has accepted all aspects of opinions and suggestions△○•, and the netizens are the smallest 7 years old and the greatest 105 years old. Huang Shouhong said that Prime Minister Li Keqiang stressed that the governments work report must fully listen to the peoples opinion☆-, and the maximum reflection of all parties look forward to consenscing all parties, and collect wisdom. In addition to the grassroots research, the drafting group has also listened to the comments advice through a variety of channels. Subje●▲◁.