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[fish collagen peptide powder benefits]China News Agency, on May 28th, for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, before and after this year, Beijing will hold a grand celebration•★▷=, warm and welcome Chinese and foreign reporters. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Communist Party of China, located in the center of Beijing Menda, will be officially running on June 26. According to reports, in order to facilitate Chinese and foreign reporters★•, the news center will be responsible for receiving Chinese and foreign journalists who come to interview celebrations, organize press conferences and reporter receptions, contact arrangement Chinese and foreign reporters, and open the official website of the news center and WeChat▲△▼. An important information service and technical guarantee is provided for the report▪▲□▼. To facilitate Hong Kong Special Administrati.

Original title▪■▽■: State Council★■▷: Streamline scientific research project declaration requirements reduce unnecessary material data★△-□: researchers are working. China News News Reporter Sun Zififa Photo New Network July 24th According to the Chinese Government Network, the State Council recently issued a notice on optimizing scientific research management to improve research performance▲○◆□. The notice requires optimizing research projects and fund management, including simplifying research project declarations and process management●▪▽△, streamline research project declaration requirements, and reducing unnecessary declaration materials★…. Notification requires simplified research project declaration and process management. Focus on national major strategic tasks, optimize the formation mechanism of the central financial and technological plan project-■…, and reasonably determine the number of items. Accelerate the improvement of the national science and technology management information system■△☆△, and the central financial science and technology plan (special, fund, etc.) project is included in the end of 2018○…▪◇. Gradual△…-?

Original title: The military fully stopped the compensation service project to clear the task. Basic completion of the reporter today, from the army to fully stop the paid service work Leading Group Office, according to the Party Central Committee, the deployment requirements of the Central Military Commission, as of June 30, 106,000 paid services in the whole army In the project, 100,000 should stop, and the decisive results of the decisive decisions have been done on time. Since the 2016☆★▼-, the military has ceased to pay for the service▪-▪, and the military land will serve this work as a political task◁…△, a national mission◆•◆, and a strong military mission. Respond to the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and the President of the Party▼◁, adhere to the party committee, master The responsibilities●□▽, military landlocks, cooperative attack□◆, and all work can be continued according to law. The leaders of the Military Commission attach great importance to this work, continuing to promote▷=◇…, and time.