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[protein ingredients industry]The reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department on March 22 that Shandong improved the criminal clues of the criminal clues of the criminal clues, the public security organs were truthful and prosecuted with the crime of the crime of the black society, and the amount of one-time reward for the reporter was raised from 20,000 yuan. 50●•◇▷,000 yuan. On March 21st▼▷▷, the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance issued a notice on the revision of the “Mandarin” of the Crime of the Crime of the Crime of Crimes in Shandong Province. The amendment is: ▪▼■”The Measures”, will ☆▷=”revise the” revised “for in-depth promotion of the provinces black and evil special struggle■◆★” to deepen the provinces anti-evil special struggle ■▼◆”◁■;” Measures “Article 1 ▽●-, Revise it to “the public security organ verification is true and the prosecution of RMB is 50,000 yuan” with the crime transfer of the black society. Remaind▲□★○!

Original title: Useful With this card, you can enjoy 102 benefits this year, Sichuan☆▽▽•, Shanghai, Shandong and other places have launched a pilot work of the third generation social security card□▼▲◆. What new features have the third generation social security card compared to the previous generation of social security cards…★▪? Do you know 102 social security benefits of social security card□▽=? What should I do if social security card is lost or forgotten? Stamp ↓ Editor: Zhang Y-•△.

The Thai Food and Drug Administration notified on May 28, officially approved the urgent use permit for Chinese Chinese medicine new crown vaccine. The application is the introduction of the vaccine Thai Biotechnology Company (Bio GeneTech International Company Limited)▽-=. China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine is inactivating the vaccine, the official name is BBIBP-CORV, and the WHO has been urgently used certification. There are five new crown vaccines that have been officially registered in the Thai Food and Drug Administration: Cozhi▼▲, Aslikang, Johnson, Modener and China National Medicine New Crown Vaccine•◆. (Total reporter Li Min) [Editor: Su Yiy.

Zhongxin Net Puer May 26th●=◆: Immigration Police Stolen ▽=▲”One Municipality of Three Kingdoms”: Two “Steel Nails○-★▲” on the border line “Author Yan Shi” Yunnan Kang Border Inspection Station Ali Distress police Zhang Zhonghu…◇▷, salute gelatin capsule size chart collagen peptide from a bovine Gelatin wholesale edible low bloom gelatin! gummy pectin! ” Recently, Zhang Zhonghu is a very straight posture for the “Yunnan Youth March 5th Medal” by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Yunnan Youth Federation. In 2016, Zhang Zhonghu enlisted the army, became a public security border defense warrior, and in 2018▲•△, it became the first generation of immigrant management police◇△. Since the work, he has successively won the third-class work, and the national immigration management system has highlighted the newzers epidemic epidemic performance. ★▼”Due to implementation tasks•●▷,.