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[pectin]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28th (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) Reporter learned from the Sichuan Meishan Intermediate Peoples Court on the 28th that the hospital made a final judgment of Liu Chun and other evil forces, dismissed Liu Chun and others appeal•☆◇☆. To maintain the first instance judgment of the Danqu County Court▼○◇, 34 were sentenced. The evil force criminal group is the first molecules Liu Chun s chance to find trouble▲○, open a casino, gather in the fight□●▲•, and a number of crimes and punishment▲•☆=, it is sentenced to 19 years in prison according to law. The court site. Meishan Institute for Tu Danzhong County Court found in an instance…▪•, Liu Chun participated in the construction of real estate development projects, gradually had certain economic strength▼▽, thus gone from the social idle person, drug users to grow their forces. Since 20•◁△△?

Original title: The 10-person task of the National Peoples Day will be a major source of task: “Changan Street,◆◇-” WeChat public account☆◇●, this morning, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the first meeting of the Bureau, and pushed 10 people such as Guo Battle. Standing chairman. There is no doubt that they will undertake important tasks at this national people○◁☆●. How does the 10 executive chair have? Changan Street, ID●△▼□: Capitalnews, to the small partners, in accordance with the law, after the Bureau of the General Assembly, the first meeting of the Bureau, the first meeting of the Bureau. The duties of the Stadium of the Bureau are to convene and host the Bureaus conference; may make recommendations to the Bureau on matters within the scope of the Presidium, and can arrange the meeting schedu•○=-.

Original title: Chongqing private enterprises R & D Chinas first commercial rocket June flying intertwined “Chongqing Two River Star” OS-X Series Rockets It is expected that in June this year, the first flight OS-M series rocket will also be taken before and after the end of this year. The Chongqing Morning News reporter learned from the two rivers New Zone that Chinas private enterprises have made a major breakthrough in the aerospace sector, and Chinas first commercial rocket will be in June, and it is intended to name “Chongqing Two River Star”☆=◇. It is understood that the rocket that is about to fly is manufactured by Chongqing Zero Space Technology Co.▲★…◆, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zero space)•▲. The mother of zero is established in August 2015. It is a private enterprise in Chinas first business license written “Travel Rockets and Other Spacecraft•▷◇●”, focusing on the development, design and total assembly of low-cost small carriers. 2016, ze! anti aging collagen collagen peptides bovine Contacts pectin hydration Tripeptide collagen peptide!