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Gelatin capsule how to find gelatin crystal,[industrial gelatin factory] May 26 (Peng Fuyou Dong Ning) On May 26th, the West Channel of Longbang Port, Guangxi, was temporarily opened○▼, and the acceptance of the acceptance. At the acceptance group, the port inspection site, business room and related supporting facilities…•, etc., listened to the provisional work of the Jingxi Municipal Peoples Government on the Provisional Open Preparation of the West Channel of Longbang Port. After discussion•▪, the acceptance team believes that the West Channel in the Longbang Port•◆, the West Channel inspection site and supporting facilities can meet the implementation of the inspection operations in each inspection unit under the interim openness. The West Channel of Longbang Port is located in the 736-1, 736-2 boundary◆■★●, seamlessly docked with the Vietnamese King Port Economic Zone•▽=◆. It is Chinas …■”all the way” and Vietna.

Original title•◆▪: City “reduction of fat” promotes high-quality development (new) “Peoples Daily” (09th Edition, 2018) City “reduction of fat”, is the structural reform of supply side in urban transformation The vivid practice of promoting the process reform of the urban governance system and the modernization of the management capacity, my country has experienced the largest, the fastest urbanization process in human history, the urbanization rate is less than 20% from the initial period. About 60% have achieved the world-famous achievements=◆. In recent years, with the rapid development of the city▷•■, some cities have been plagued by “big city disease■▪•”◆■, resulting in the structural aging of the industry, the physical aging and population aging▷•=•, facing the era of high-speed development to high quality development. Question. In a certain sen▪○▷?

Original title: The latest●▼•! 787 travel agencies in Heilongjiang, the provincial tourism association tour guide public commitment: not fraud empty-hard-gelatin-capsules! 787! Following the 12th of the Northeast Network, ▷…●”Heilongjiang, a travel agency, promise to society△▽□: do not fraud food grade gelatin manufacturer! ☆▲”After,” Survey Shout ■●”of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee attracted the enthusiasm of Heilongjiang Travel Agency▽▪. Heilongjiang Province Travel Agency Branch brought 787 travel agencies to public commitment to the society “eight no”. ★▲▽…”On March 8th, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the Heilongjiang group in the country▲▪◁, and Zhang Qingwei proposed to the provinces travel agency to commit to the society, which is the spur and expectations of the provincial travel agency industry■□▪.” Provincial Tourism Association Travel Agency Branch On behalf of the provinces travel agency■●, the province will solemnly, will cherish the brand image of =◁”Changqing Longjiang”, firmly establish gelita usa chicago●□!

Original title: European representatives▽=◆: Prevent dye industry pollution “big transfer” This reporter Li He printing and dye production pollution is serious, and my country has a large-scale shutdown in printing and dyeing enterprises. Ou, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress, deputy director of Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co.◁■■□, Ltd-□▷. Technology Center▲▲•, said with environmental law enforcement, some “industrial transfer☆▼★” in the dye industry without technology, self-east, from north Since the city, townships and rural areas and rural areas. “Some areas are attractive in the” regional environmental emissions ▷=△-“, which is attractive◆■, and it has undertaken from the heavy pollution chemical enterprises that have been eliminated from the more developed regions▽△…◁. The environmental pollution incidents from industrial transfer are continuously erupted. Tenggerry desert pollution case, before being exposed, the south edge of Tenggerry desert is concentrated in the middle of the dy.

Original title: More than 100•▪◆,000 people listed in last year▽◆○, …•□○”Blacklisted”, 945 incidents, 945 incidental brokers included in the business unusual list▼□◁◇, 65 companies listed as major tax illegal cases•◇■, more than 100◇=,000 The person is included in the faction of the executor ••=”blacklist◇★★” •◇.◇△◆.. Yesterday△…●, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce issued the “Report of Beijing Consumer Rights Protection▪●-” and disclosed related numbers▼□◁□. The credit information daily queries reached 1.6 million times according to the “Report”, relying on Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network integration, publicity enterprise registration information■▲, supervision information, credit information, etc□•., information return is more than 92 million◁△□•, and the public inquiry The amount is nearly 400 million▼=△, and the average daily query is 1.6 million. At present, the credit information is handling tax, social security■•, provident fund…◆▽, and passenger car.