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[is clear jel the same as gelatin]Original title: March national average temperature history has the highest Beijing continuous non-drop water day breakthrough history extreme Beijing News News (Reporter Deng Qi Intern Yu Huazun) In March this year☆▼◆○, the national average temperature has the highest average temperature, Beijing, Hebei and Liaoning and other places 26 stations continuously without the number of days in the history of the history. China Meteorological Bureau held a press conference of “China Climate Change Blue Pass” on April 3▪▷•, announced that national weather climate characteristics and weather prospects in the next ten days of March this year●•▽☆. According to the comprehensive observation of the climate system and a number of key indicators, global warming trends remain continuous○▼■. In March 2018, the national average temperature was 7.0 ° C, which was 20.9 ° C higher than the same period of the year (4▪◇.1 ° C), and the highest history. The temperature in most parts of the country is more than 1 to 4 ° C from the same period of the year★•, of which most of Xinjiang, Inner Mongol=•○.

Original title: Two conferences Looking back •▲▽”Sichuan•■” Ye Yue 70-year-old Zhou Xiaochuan is about to be founded in the 70th annual bank. Behind the digital coincidence, it is 15 years of full investment. It is the fighting star shift of Yishila to Silver hair=…. It is accompanied by Chinas financial reform and opening up, and the pace is firm▲●▪☆. The characteristics of my countrys transition economy determines that compared with the central bank of China▼◆••, my countrys central bank needs more than the mission, in addition to the traditional monetary policy objectives, it also needs to promote the development of reform and opening up and financial market, and maintain financial stability. The height and diversification of the goal determines the difficulty of work. In Zhou Xiaochuans central bank, the word “system” “balance” is essential, and he has repeatedly mentioned himself – the overall advancement of the reform system◇●◁◁, the relationship and pros and cons of the other si.

“Director of the Director of the Financial Economic Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress, member of the deputy director, a list of 23 (a total). Director: Xu Shao Shi▼=▽. Deputy Director: Liu Yuan-◆, Zhang Yi▷▽▪, Yin Zhongqing, Xiong Qunli…•●, Xie Jingrong, Uri Tu (Mongolian)-●○=, Liu Xinhua (Hui)•◇☆▲, Guo Qingping. Member (according to the name string): Wang Li, Wang Dongjing-●, Lu Wei (female)▲☆-, Zhu Mingchun, Zhuang Yumin (female), Liu Xiuwen, Sun Bao Hou◇■◁, Wang Kang, Ouyang Changqiong•■◆…, Zhou Songhe, Xu Rujun●▽-▷, Fu Fangli ( Female)■◇, Cai Ling (female), Cai Jiming. Read it. Editor in charge▪▪: Huo .

Original title▲◁◆☆: More than ten yuan, price thousands of yuan? Chinas “value money” company is sought after by Apple mobile phone●•△. In the Government Work Report of Li Keqiang, he focuses on the construction of the manufacturing power, promoting the development of the new material industry. There is a white powder to have more than a thousand dollars, expensive gold, todays new mobile phone display is it all, who has mastered this powder display technology, whoever masters the future display market, And this worlds most advanced technology is born in a silent company in Guangdong. The cost of more than a dozen yuan, the price of thousands of “value money” is sought after by Apple Mobile Phone September 13■★☆, the mobile phone industry windscape△●•◁, Apple released iPhone X new mobile phone. Unlike traditional LCD screen△★◁.

Original title Zhang Zhanbin Committee: Promoting the structural reform of supply side■▼▷, greater efforts, this year, my country is a year of structural reforms in China. Last year, the Central Economic Work Conference won eight important work around the promotion of high quality development□•◇, the first place is to deepen the structural reform of supply side●=▷▼. How to view the structural reform of the supply side☆▲△☆, this years focus will be, during the two sessions, members of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Zhang Zhanbin, director of the Ministry of Economics of the State Administration, accepted an exclusive interview with the “Economic Report▷◇▲” reporter. He said that advancing the structural reform of the supply side is a major judgment made by the central government. It is proposed for the major structural imbalance in my countrys economy…△=. It is to crack the difficult problem in my countrys economic development•◁, hot problem■◇…▼, frontier problem . Zhang Zhanbin said, -◇◆☆”13th Five” rul▷-▽! collagen in korea how can page protein by used in the industryGelatin wholesale liquid gelatine protein drink industry report,