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[protein food industry]Original title: Xu Jiatao, the original Political Consultative Conference of Anhui Tongcheng, was sentenced to 800,000 yuan for 6 years▼★■, and Xu Jiatao★=, 800,000 yuan. The defendant Xu Jiaxao sentenced the bribery to six years in prison=◇, and fined 800●▼▷▼,000 yuan■△•…. The defendant Xu Jiatao□◇, male, born in 1963, Shucheng County=△, Anhui Province△▼▽=, Party Secretary, Chairman (positive level) of Tongcheng County …☆, The district secretary, the party committee secretary, the deputy secretary of the Tongcian Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director Tongcheng Municipal Committee, Director of the Supervision Bureau, the Minister of Organization, the Secretary-General, the Director of the Office, and the executive deputy mayor of the municipal government. The court was tri.

Bloomberg: Recently, China-US trade relations have had twists and turns▼▪▽●, what plans in China have reduced trade surplus between China and the United States? What do you have this year◇▲☆▽? Has China has a temporary plan to take action on the US retaliatory measures, including agricultural products such as soybeans□★, and aircraft▷◆□, etc=▲.□■, China and the United States suspend trade conversation? Zhongshan□■▽■: China-US trade relations•-▲▼, everyone is concerned, and has become the attention of the two sessions. There is no winner of the Commodity War, will only bring disasters from China and the world. China does not want to fight trade war, and will not actively launch trade war◆=-…. But we can respond to any challenge and resolutely defend the interests of the country and the people. Sino-US economic and trade relations is the crimp stone and propeller of Sino-US relations. The two countries have been on the establishment of diplomatic relations in 40 years, and bilateral relations are increasingly close. In near 40 years, the scale of trade has increased by 232 time?

Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Reporter Zhao Lang) Civil Aviation Tibetan Work Conference held in Lhasa on the 28th▼■▼▲. Feng Zhenglin, Party Secretary and Director of China Civil Aviation Bureau●■•●, introduced that Tibets civil aviation continued to develop, so that the civil aviation industrys •▼”affordable line”…○△▷, the air ○◆=△”Life”◆▪▼★, and the national “complex line□■☆▼” and the “progress line” are more prominent. On Tibet route…▷▼▲, civil aviation has been invested in the most advanced models of high plateau flights, implementing double-machinery flying, constructing a complete set of systemized plateau flight regulations from airport construction, operation management☆□▪▪, aircraft performance and equipment configuration. standard▲▽■. As of now=☆▼, Tibet Civil Aviation achieves safe flight for 56 years. Feng Zhenglin said, through aviati□▪○!

Original title: “Balanced Wood” (Peoples Review) “Peoples Daily” (March 26, 2018) “No. 05, 2018), with the reform of the college entrance examination,◁••▽” Wooden Bridge “that I have passed by Madama It is now more like a “balanced wood•◁” that is equally efficient and fair. It is necessary to be rigorous•▼◁, meticulous, fair□★▪, scientific, and political steadyness, and the Ministry of Education has successively issued a text after deployment, and the Ministry of Education has successively issued a text from 2018…-▼◁. Students in rural and poor areas…◁. Admissions work to standardize▪▼: Through strict examination conditions, strict qualification review◇=…•, strict enrollment management, and increase violation investigation■=▽…, ensure the “Special Plan” policy truly benefits rural students. Various specifications▽•, aims to let the college entrance examination return to the starting poin? grlatin protein industry sales Gelatin wholesale.

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