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[bovine collagen peptides allergy]Original title◇▲: Shaanxi Town An “4 · 10□☆▷” crisis transport vehicle explosion system illegally loaded explosives caused Xinhua News Agency Xian April 15th (Reporter Yao Youming) On the morning of the 15th▷★▲◁, Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province announced ◆△▲△”4.1″ dangerous The results of the survey of the transport vehicle explosion accident•▪, the discovery of the explosive accident is caused by illegal loading and unloading explosives▷•●-. The staff of the Zhenan County Party Committee told reporters that the public security organs survey●=▼△, visited the survey, visiting the video, the expert group technical analysis▼▪☆, and identified Zhenan “4.110” dangerous vehicle explosion is due to the operation of the explosive, violating the safety regulations ◆◆○▼. At around 23•○:50 on April 10, a dangerous transport vehicle in the Buddha Town, Yuehe Town□=, Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province exploded. The accident vehicle is a dangerous transport vehicle equipped with 5.28 tons of emulsion explosives, and the license plate number is Henan SA3766. vehic.

Original title◇○: (two conferences) Let the soldiers become the respectable career of the whole society – the military representative member recommended that the military honor and professional attractive Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 14th: Let the soldiers become the respect of the whole society – The military representative member recommended the military honor and professional attractive Xinhua News Agency Mei Changwei○△▽…, Fan Yongqiang, Zhen Zhenhua promotes the militarys rights to ensure the legislation of the military, the militarys honorary system, accelerate the establishment of the retired military affairs department ◆•… Silver representatives of the national two sessions Members said that let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society, it is an important measure to achieve the strong army of the party in the new era. It is necessary to build an important measure of the worlds first-class army. It must mobilize the whole system, adopt a variety of measures, and continuously improve the military honor and professional attraction▼★. force. Military social stat.

Zhongxin☆●.com-◁★, on August 25th▲•, according to Harbin Municipal Government Information Office, in the early morning of August 25, there was a fire in the North Dragon Hot Springs in Songbei District, Harbin. After 4:36=◇◆, the fire department received alarm to the scene after receiving the alarm, and 7▷☆○:50 was opened at 11:30, it has been cleaned up from the fire. At present, there are 18 deaths in the scene▽○●■, 19 people injured, and the injured people were sent to the hospital for treatment☆△. The cause of fire is under investigation. Click to enter the topic◇★•-: Harbin 1 hotel has a fire caused multiple death responsibility Editor: Huo .