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[capsules empty gelatin]Original title: Tomorrow morning and evening☆=, the East Second Ring Road■=☆, Changan Street and other roads will be divided into traffic control Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei correspondent Ai Yi Zhuang 焱) This afternoon, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau released a notification, tomorrow (March 20 Day) is Tuesday, the motor vehicle tail number limit 1 and 6. Affected by students from school●■◇◇, go to work, hospital, hospital access▽◁▲, is expected to have a large traffic pressure during the early, late peak, and region of the southeastern region◁△=△. In particular, traffic stress in the first line of Changan Street, Qian Sanmen Street, College Road, North Third Ring, North Second Ring☆●, East Second Ring▽=, South Second Ring, Airport Expressway are more prominent. In addition, during the morning and evening in the morning and evening on March 20, the North Five Ring Road■●△▲, the Beijing Road, the Airport Expressway, the Eastern Second Ring Road, Hui South Road, Che Guzhuang Street, Xizhimen North Street◆○◁, North Section of the West Second Ring Road, the top three stre.

Original title 2018 National Two Seans 丨 Shen Sheng Yao Xin Beijing News reporter: Revision of the National President Decisive to reflect and maintain the “three-in-one” leadership system 13th National Peoples Congress, the Secretariat of the Secretariat of the Secretariat, the head of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Director Shen Chun Yao reporter asked. The Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing took the Beijing News reporter Wang Wusi asked. The Beijing News reporter Xue Yu took the new Beijing News (Reporter Ni Weiwu) March 11th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a reporter meeting in the Peoples Great Hall Press Release Office. For the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Secretariat of the Secretariat of the Secretariat of the National Peoples Congress●▪, Shen Sheng, director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, answered the question of the Beijing News reporter, deleted the President of the State, and the Vice-President shall not exceed the two sessions. National leadership syst!

On February 9△=•, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Opectors reported a typical case – “◁●▼” Zhang Jiehui▪•-, a member of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of the Hebei Province, and Zhang Jiehui, who is seriously violated by the party. ” It is noted that it is the partys senior leading cadres, losing ideals and beliefs, no partys concept, and serious violation of party disciplines, and suspected of illegal crimes. It is worth noting that the notification also refers to its “serious privilegeism”. After half a month, an article ▼▷▲”Zhong Rongshi=★▲” article was reviewed when the Secretary of the Chief Secretary of the 18th Central Committee and the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General of the State Council and the Secretary-General of the State Council used such a title – “Once the discipline is equal Discipline is not privileged▷★=. ” ◆-▪■”Resolutely oppose privileged ideas, privilege phenomena”, studying at the start of the partys 19th National Spiritual Seminar, General Secretary Xi Jinping puts forward the leading cadr.

Zhongxin Net Nanning May 28 (Huang Qiu Yan Yang Qiang) “I am a professional college graduate, mainly engaged in large extrusion mold manufacturing…▼▽. For more than ten years, I have continuously innovated in technical positions, and become the technical backbone of the enterprise…◁◆◆. Have a national skills master studio named after his name■▽. Our mold has broken abroad monopoly, enhanced the market competitiveness of the company. Our studio has passed the project research, accumulating the companys savings more than 5 million yuan (RMB) “Guangxi South China Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. Tell reporters on the 28th▽…. ▽◆◁▪”The Guangxi Artsis Sites of Striving New Era” held in Nanning on the day of the news conference, Qi Lin and the limited publicity of Guangxi Yuchai Machine Co.○◇, Lt-▲◆? gelatin powder mixer anti aging collagenPectin manufacturer.

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