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[pig skin food gelatin]Original title●■••: These short video tells you, why is my country is very powerful! How to ◇□”New China Manufacturing☆•☆” affects the daily life of foreigners△…. In these days, there is a set of video to make the ring ring impressive. This is a set of films about “New China”, recording Chinas manufacturing is affecting the daily life of foreigners=☆, and the perspective is not about the general person■•▲-: riding the express delivery Russian beauty, Somali spoken mobile phone retail store owner, two Riding a shared bicycle tour of Milans German girl▽▼◁•, Kenya Mombasa – Nairobi high-speed rail line, high-speed rail line. No celebrities. Not an advertisement. The ring loop contacts the post-moving manifold team of the short film, they are the overseas shooter of pear video – use the lens to record small☆•, real stories around you●△•…, to see how Chinese manufacturing affects foreigne.

Original title: Western media said China Single female independence and optimistic older generation brain gradually open reference news network on March 10, with the development of the times, with the development of the times=◁●, the year is 30, the economically independence but still single-owned situation Female is no longer a loss of shackles. The decisions of the non-married students who have brought social stress have gradually supported their support, and independent single women are changing Chinese society. According to March 7, March 7, in China, many women have been confined as ▪△”leftover girls” – according to the old tradition, women must find the wishful Lang Jun before the age of 30, otherwise it will be sneered by others. However◁▼●○, more and more Chinese women have begun to fight with social pressure■◁☆○, and the decision of life is in their hands. In their minds, marriage must be in love rather than forc△◆▪▪.

Original title: Government work report, this 18 sentences are warm and powerful bodybalance bovine collagen peptides▪▽•! On the morning of March 5th, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress held an opening meeting, and the Premier Li Keqiang made a government work report. ▪□■”One thing that is most concerned about the most concerned◁△☆” “…○◆” ◁◇•-“” ▼☆” The Peoples Daily Client is first combed, lets taste About Us host cell industrial scale protein production,! 1. To do a good job of satisfaction with the people, everyone has equal opportunities to change their own fate through education●▲, and achieve their dreams■▼=. 2. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supply=□▼●, multi-channel security, rent-buying housing system☆◁, so that the broad masses of the people will live in peacetime. 3, to strengthen refined service, humaniz.

Recently, the State Councils institutional reform plan landed▷△★▪. Among them, the Ministry of Land and Resources△▪●◆, the National Oceanic Bureau, the National Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau=●, and the establishment of new natural resources. The Natural Resources Department is one of the newly established State Council, and is also the first national ministerial committee as the first national ministerial committee. According to the plan, the Natural Resources Department is responsible for supervising natural resource development and utilization and protection, establishing a spatial planning system and supervising the implementation, fulfilling all kinds of natural resource asset owners of the whole people, unified investigation and authentication, and establishing a natural resource payment system =▲, Responsible for the management of surveying and mapping and geological exploration industry. Hu Dunhuang photo (Source: Zhongxin=■-•.com) This department is not generally except for the original responsibilities of the Ministry of Land and Resources, this new department has also obtained the National Development and Reform Commissi.

Original title△▲: Resolutely cut the gray interest chain: All the races of Yunnan tourism shopping venue rating “After a year of heavy punch rectification◇•◆▪, the Yunnan tourism market zero group fee low price tour, forced shopping▽…▽, etc.…□, but the rectification is never Will I have to waste halfway. “The National Peoples Congress representative▲▲, Yunnan Provincial Governor, Yan Chengfa, in the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Yunnan delegation opened on the opening day▼•■. Yunnan is a tourist province…▷▲, and is also one of the earliest provinces of China. Yunnan Province has almost all tourism resources other than the ocean, and is deeply loved by tourists at home and abroad◇○. However, in recent years, Yunnan tourism market has frequently issued a public concern▲□. I dont know if you remember▷△■, once, Yunnan tourism shopping places have levels. In accordance with the provisions of the •□○●”Tourism Shopping Places] of Yunnan Province, according to the purcha type ii chicken collagen protein gelatin bone glue!