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Pectin manufacturer.[wheat protein global industry]Original title: Gao Huixiao is served as a member of Jiangxi Yingtan Municipal Government Party Group Member Information Daily△▪, Jiangxi, China Academic Association▷▼◇, China Chen Min, director of the provincial government, director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Yubin, member of the party group of Yingtan Municipal Government, Gao Hui Xiao, Xintong Institute, Liu Duo, and Vice President He Guili, Discipline Inspection Wang Xiaoli et al. This indicates that Gao Hui Xiao has been a member of the Yingtan Municipal Government Party Group. Information Daily, Jiangxi■-▷▪, China, China☆◆▼, China, Learn△▷, Gao Huixiao is a joint cadre▽◇○☆, a member of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Postal Science Research Planning Institute. Public information shows that China Postal Scientific Research Planning Institute is the direct unit of China Post Group Corporation. Source…■★-: WeChat public number ☆…▪”Jia.

Original title: my countrys new national institutions •□”Supervision Committee”, the first director Yang Xiaodu comes from Shanghai March 11th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting vote through the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China. The Constitution Amendment In Chapter III, the “National Institution▪▲□…” section has established the “Operator☆•▼△” section, established the supervision committee as the constitutional status of national institutions, and laid the constitutional basis for the exercise of their powers according to law. Yang Xiaodu was elected as Director of the National Committee of the Peoples Republic of China on March 18th, and the first director of the National Monitoring Committee, which is concerned – he is a member of the 19th Central Committee•■, deputy secretary of the Central Discipline. Proposed in the State Council Institutional Reform Plan Released: “The Ministry of Ombuds is incorporated into the newly established national monitoring committe.

Chen Xiaoguang resume Chen Xiaoguang, male○▼▲△, Han nationality, born in May, Jilin pear people△•▷•, NLM, June 1973 participated in work▽•▼▪, Jilin University of Technology…☆, agricultural machinery●☆-, graduate, postgraduate degree, doctoral degree■☆◁◆, professor At the 13th National Committee of China, Vice Chairman, the Intermittent Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee▼□○. 1973-1978 Jilin Province Poish County Lumu Workers 1978-1982 Jilin University of Technology Agricultural Machinery▽▼□▪, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Machinery▷◆=, Jilin University of Technology Department of Advanced Sciences, Agricultural Machinery Engineering…★, Jilin University of Technology, University of Technology, 1996-19.