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Gelatin wholesale bovine hide collagen peptides safe recommended daily protein exaggerated by beef industry,[what are bovine collagen peptides made from]Zhongxin Net Wuxi May 27th (Yang Yan Ci Sun Quan) on the 3rd Yangtze River Triangulation of Wuxi held on the 27th, the long triangle integrated circuit, biomedicine◆▽•, artificial intelligence◇●●, new energy car four major industrial chains The alliance is officially unveiled, and many major cooperation matters are signed=☆◁▲. This year, the theme of the forum is “the new development pattern of service is in the forefront of modernization.” Government officials, scholars and entrepreneurs from the three provinces of the Yangtze River Triangle, gather in Taihu Lake, common development○-. The four major key fields of the Yangtze River is unveiled. The 泱 泱 摄 长三 三 is one of the most active development of Chinas economy, the highest level of openness and innovation●△◇. Self-length triangle integrati.

Original title: Peripheral Time-with Chinese Torture▷□■△, Japan and this country “Hand” Daily Media Consistent△●, and the “freely open Indian Pacific Strategy”, which promoted the peace and development of Asia, supported the construction of infrastructure construction such as Sri Lanka and highways. After the talks, both sides signed a memorandum of the health and medical sector to provide a total of 10.6 billion yen (about 631 million yuan)○=◁. ▲ “Japan Economic News” reported that the map reported on March 15th on March 15th▪●, Nanji Island Sri Lanka is a maritime transportation of the Indian Ocean with the Pacific. ▼▲.

China New Network May 27th, according to the official WeChat news news of the Jiangmen High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, 10▲◇▷:35 on May 26, the Jianghai District reported that there were people in the five or four villages in the ritual music street. After receiving the report, the emergency, public security, fire protection and other departments quickly came to the rescue, rescued 6 staff members in the well, and sent to the hospital for treatment. After receiving the report, the main leaders of the Jianghai District Party Regional Government rushed to the scene to organize relevant departments▷…. According to the survey…▲☆◆, the initial cause of accidents is that six staff members in the lower day of the dredging effort, inadvertently suck in toxic gases•△, fall into the well water, causing the poisoning drowning. After 6 people were sent to the hospital, 4 of them were rescu.