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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides]China News Agency•••◁, May 27 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) The latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce on the 27th that the European Unions actual investment of 1950 million US dollars in China, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year☆•; Chinas direct investment of 16.9 billion to the European Union US dollar, large increased by 70□◁=▲.8%◆◁. In the same period, China and Europe trade had reached 25.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 42% year-on-year▷◁○△, higher than Chinas overall growth rate■•••. The peak of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson…▪, said in the press conference held on the same day……▪, China and European mutual economic and trade partners, the cooperation are wide▲△, and the interaction between enterprises, has formed “You have me▪☆◁, I have you” interest intensity blending pattern In the current epidemic situation, China and Europe tra.

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Education Minister Chen Baosheng: “3=•☆:30” is a growing troubles] The Ministry of Education has always valued “3:30”. There are already 25 notifications in 25 provinces to formulate policies that meet the actual policies of all provinces△★…. Next□▽▽•, the Ministry of Education will summarize successful experience and promote; second▪■, it is to solve the policy problem involved in the three-point phenomenon◁…▽; third is to govern the chaos in society; fourth is to strengthen supervision★○, so that good suggestions and practices are implemented Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang ?

Original title: Oriental Economic Forum Media Forum: A hot discussion of a piece of soap “A small soap in the hotel, let me feel the huge potential of China and Russias economic and trade cooperation.◇▼” 12th morning▷▪…, in Russia Vladivosto On the Oriental Economic Forum Media Sub-forum•■, the Chinese Central Radio and Television True Taiwan•=, and the discussion of participants have caused participants★•-■. China Central Radio and Television Head▼□●=, Chang Shenhai, in the media sub-forum, said Shen Xiong from him to a soap in the bathroom of university city hotel last night. He said that small soaps in the bathroom are very rough, regardless of packaging or quality, but actually from France. Listen to Russias peers, those shampoo shower gels are still from Poland. •▪”To know•▽■△, the straight line distance of Paris to Vladivostok is more than 10,0.

Original title=■: Chinese female reporter experience Phuket flock accident: The most terrible two and a half hours in Thailand■○☆, at around 5:45 pm local time△◇◆, two boats containing 127 Chinese tourists are returning to Phuket Incidentally, a large storm…-○, in the coral island and Madong Island. As of about 6:50 on July 6◇▼□, the search and rescue personnel have found 17 victims, and the number of victims of the ship has risen to 17 people, and most of the remains of the remains is about 2 kilometers from the direction of the incident. When the picture is trapped, the reporter Lin Yingying is on another boat in the waters, in the huge waves of the wind, after 2 and a half hours of life and death…•, eventually escape, safe return. The following is her experience=●: Thailand local time 22:35, husband is sti.

Original title: Li Ganjie: Environmental supervision does not divide the green soap “a knife”, find what is “a knife cut”? It means that it is not divided into green saponis, no matter whether it is illegal, legal☆●, one is hit★○, and the “one knife cut” is resolute from the beginning. Individual places do have similar problems, our attitude is very clear, never allowed to do this. To make a strict resision, find it together○▽, say it◇=☆◁. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo ! bovine collagen peptide canada bovine bone collagen peptide powder About Us melting point of collagen ballistic gummy bear!