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[sugar beet pectin]Original title: Dredger boats in the sea area of ​​Malaysia, 12 Chinese crew missing transportation department rescue teams to local rescue Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) On the afternoon of March 21, the China Sea Search and Rescue Center learned about information, a digging The mud ship is tipped near the sea near Malaysia, and three of them were rescued◇•, 1 person died–●, 12 people were unknown●◇○. After the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport arrived in Malaysia today (March 22) on the morning of the 21st (March 22). The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that the ships ship name “JBB RONG CHANG 8″, the captain is 86 meters, the shape is 16 meters wide, and the Dominican, there are 18 crew members◇□=☆, 16 of whom, 1 Malaysians and 1 Indonesia people. .

Original title=★▼: Lai Qingde did not have the prosecution of Ma Yingjiu as a policy [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan Media, Tai Med Medal reported that -•”said the executive dean▽■◇”, ▽■▷●”said the executive dean”, Lai Qingde put the leader of the front Taiwan area The prosecution is considered “Reform Reform”, and the ●☆◆▲”Executive Yuan spokesperson” Erda is strictly clarified today. This is a serious distortion□◇▷. Lai Qingde has never been prosecuted by Ma Yingjiu. Yuda said that Lai Qingde yesterday speech, not “Ma Ying-juns prosecution is a reform of the reform”, but in explaining the “By Improper Party Regulations”••, mentioning that ◇■–“Hyboy☆○●, I have promised to return the party to zero, but There is no such thing as “,☆○△” seeing this is what the Kuomintang is unwilling to do and the Democratic Advanced Party provokes. The picture is from Ta Media You Da, as for the spee●■.

Original title▲□◁: Taiwan Airlines changed the “China Republic of China” as “Taiwan▼◇▪”, Taiwan is shocked [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] After the 44 foreign airlines correct its website to lack the Taiwan labeled ◇■△▼”national” improper practice, July 31 On the day■◁, there is a member of the Taiwan organization, saying that Taiwans airline has also begun to rename and delete the title of “Republic of China•△☆▷”. Including a number of Taiwan media such as China Times, Joint News, Dongsie News☆◆•▽, etc. reported that the news of China Airlines and Evergreen Airlines, and the app has deleted the “Republic of China” and renamed “Taiwan”○▲. However★-◇☆, Taixia seems to have not figured out that these two airlines changed••○▷. The observer network query found that in May this year, there was a media reported that the “country” of these two airline!

Original title: Postpartum time, reasonable arrangement★-: Sleeping warfare in primary and secondary school students, March 21, Hubei Province▲▪☆, Wuhan, Wuhan•■★, Hubei Province, attracted a large number of citizens in full view – the school student wearing different styles Pajamas▼■, talked and laughed, into the group team into the campus. It turned out that the day is the world sleep day, in order to evoke the societys concern for the lack of sleep in primary and secondary school students, the school organizes activities let students wear pajamas to go to school. At present, the lack of sleep in a large number of compulsory education is indisputable. According to the survey data released by the Chinese Youth Research Center, from 2005 to 2015, nearly 60% of primary and secondary school students in the country were not surprising for 9 hours. In December 2017, the Ministry of Education issued “Compulsory Education School Management Standar.

Original title: Let the reform spirit payment (the people want theory) noble this year is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up…▲▽•. Reform and opening up is the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in China. After the goal of exploration▲=□▼, the framework construction, the system is improved, and the comprehensive deepening is achieved. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: “The era is the mother of thought, the practice is the source of the theory” =▷”Reform and opening up is the only way to develop progress in contemporary China is the only way to achieve the Chinese dream.” 40 years of reform and opening up especially the partys 18th National Congress Deepen the major breakthroughs and progress in deepening reform●◇□, and promote socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era. Under the guidance of the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, let the reform spirit of the new era◁•, let the reform practice continue to deepen, my countrys reform and opening up care•○○. protein industry meat grass-fed bovine hide collagen peptides

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