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[factory supply fish collagen peptide]Yesterday, the National Peoples Congress representative Yin Zhongqing attended the 13th National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress, the entire meeting of the Jiangsu delegation. Xue Yue, Xue Yue, Yesterday, the National Peoples Congress, member of the 12th National Peoples Congress, deputy director of the Financial Economic Commission, said in the interview of the Beijing News reporter☆●, 2020 to achieve tax statutory, but tax legalization is not Simply turning the current eighteen tax regulations into law, but through the legal process◁=☆□, refactoring and improving Chinas tax system, establishing a modern tax system that is comparable to high quality development and comprehensively built a well-off society. He pointed out that there are six taxes now to be statutory, but the corporate income tax, individual income tax need to be reform…◆▽. 1 Talking about GDP Target GDP does not have high growth conditio?

Original title: Taxation should consider the family income and gradually transition to the family-oriented representative, and Professor of Accounting Department of the School of Management▼△◁, Jinan University School of Management, the National Peoples Congress□■•, Jinan University School of Management•▪▼☆, Lu Xin, another step The road to work○◁▪. Over the years, she has been paying attention to the system and management of the government budget. This year, her concern is still focused on the government budget▪▪-. It is recommended to promote the effective use of evaluation results by strengthening the construction of the professional talent team, and promote the effective application of the evaluation results, and promote the construction system feedback system. Budget performance evaluation should build an expert library as a financial expert. In 2013, she proposed a budget report information to give full play to the Monitoring role and hoping to strengthen budget performance management. In the past, she will further recommend that the proposed budg◆▪.

Original title: The emperor is not urgent, why is some Chinese to sign a self-trade agreement for US Europe●★□? After the Chairman of the European Commission, Rapting US President Trump issued a •○-□”joint statement▼■▼★”◇•, some of the media from the media quickly said this is the “Free Trade Agreement”, and the two sides guarantee the zero tariffs of the trade. Said Memoram form a new trading zone. Some people have a variety of cheers, all kinds of intimidation▼▽•. What is cheering? Tell everyone, he is not a noisy◇□, his baby is good. What is intimidating-●? Tell everyone□▲▲=, the folks, come out to surrender•▷••, you are surrounded. In the global trade war, there is actually Chinese people stand out for the opponents call to persuade▲=△▪, so many netizens believe that China is now four sides, falling into the circumference. US Europe “Free Trade Agreemen.

Original title: shock▪•! China is shocked by a production line: robot production robot▼•●▼ hydrolysed gelatin filtration! This picture. Informatization, industrialization is constantly incorporated, the smart equipment industry represented by robotics is booming. In 2017, China continued to become the worlds largest industrial robot market☆○, and sales exceeded 120,000 units▪▪=, accounting for about one third of the worlds total production. At the same time, China has become the first consumption of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year, and 50% of 50% of CNC machines around the world are on Chinas production line●▪◁. This year, Chinas total number of artificial intelligence companies is close to 600, jumping the world second; Chinas 3D additive manufacturing industry has reached 8 billion yuan, the product system is getting more and more●•▲, equipment reaches the international advanced level. Look at the intelligent intelligence, high performance CNC system, the worlds mo.

A few days ago, Hebei Zhangjiakou City Huailai County and Beijing University of Science and Technology have a deeper exchange of opinions and agree on the issues of joint concern about project land, overall planning layout. As Zhang Jiakou docked Beijing window counties, bridgehead◆◇◁, quality industry and priority synchronization introduction was becoming a new idea◁●, new initiative to promote the deployment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative Development Strategy▷◁•◆. It is understood that Beijing Institute of Technology▽★●, Beijing University of Science and Technology□▼, is specifically including national defense technology innovation centers, military and civilian integration technology innovation centers, future education centers, scientific and technological achievements incubation centers, and five sections of Yijiyuan will be built in special energy, smart ammunition. High-level talent training base and scientific research base, microelectronics☆▷-•, electric vehicles, network space safety, artificial intelligence, drone●■…, etc.==•, and become relevant scientific and technological achievement what is fish collagen peptides for application of proteins in food industry▷▷★■!Gelatin wholesale what is gelatin from,