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[white gelatin capsules]Original title Excellence Japanese media analysis: Chinas oil enterprise positive attitude or will activate global oil industry information pictures▲-★. Report Message Network On March 30th, Japanese media said that the listing subsidiaries of Chinas two major national oil giants will strengthen overseas oilfield rights and interests and domestic oil field development investment. China National Petroleum (Petroleum) will restart overseas rights and interests at the time of 5 fortune years, China Petrochemical (Sinopec) will also increase investment to more than 10 billion yuan. The positive attitude of both companies will activate the global oil industry. According to the ○▲”Japanese Economic News” website reported on March 28, it was influenced by crude oil prices in 2014, and Chinas petroleum basically stopped the acquisition of overseas rights, but will step on the throttle in overseas business in the future. Wang Dongjin=●△, President of Petroleum March ○▷•. Guiyang May 26 (Zuo Yukun) ★■•”There is no powerful 5G and industrial Internet▼◆, there is no real big data. Without real big data, there is no new generation of artificial intelligence, there is no new generation of intelligence●▷. Manufacture, digitization, and networking intelligent manufacturing. “On May 26th, 2021 China International Big Data Industry Expo” Science China: 5G Drive Digital Teaching “High-end dialogue was held in Guiyang. “Kechuang China” consortium chairman•▼○★, former president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering■△, Zhou Ji…☆…, surrounded the ▲-▼”5G + industrial Internet communication manufacturing digital transformation intelligent upgrade”●▲=. May 26th▽-▼, 2021 China International Big Data Industry ◆▪▽.

Original title: The procuratorial organs have filed a public prosecution in accordance with the law, and Liaoning procuratorial organs according to law. Liaoning procuratorates were suspected of abusing their powers, accepting bribes◆◁◁, misappropriation of public funds, bribery cases, and Guo Zhixin★-•●, the former deputy mayor of Tieling, Liaoning Province. Guo Zhixin (deputy hall) is suspected Exhaust the sin of power, accept bribes-▷▪, misappropriation of public funds, and bribery, by the Dandong Peoples Procuratorate★□▽•, the Peoples Procuratorate of Dandong Province◆▲, the Dandong City Intermediate Peoples Court filed a public prosecution. The procuratorate informed the defendant Guo Zhixin enjoyed the rights rights of Guo Zhixin in the review and prosecution stage, and immediately asked Guo Zhixin, listening to its defending opinion△…★. Dandong Municipal Peoples Procuratorate India Control: Guo Zhi Xin, the defendant, deputy mayor of Tieling, smuggling◆△☆, abuse of power○■▼, the plot is particularly serious; use it as the Tieling City Finance Bure▷=★-?

[Air China flight a man passenger psychosis, the flight attendant★△◆, the special shot of Henan Province, the deputy governor••-, the scene of the scene●-▷▽, the 15th-▷◆▪, the Air China CA1350 of Changsha to Beijing is prepared from Zhengzhou. A man used a steel pen to hold a flight attendant▲▷●▪. In Xinzheng Airport, the Vice Governor of Henan Province, the public security department of the Public Security is comfortable•=▲-, saying that the womans marriage is innocent◇=▪, and the man is controlled●◇◇★. According to @ 平安 中国, the man Xu Xu is a Hunan, and the incident is suddenly mentally ill. Related reading: Exhibition of incident: Suspective mental illness Handheld steel pen holding passengers Changsha to Beijing flight due to illegal interference preparation to Zhengzhou passenger safety dropping machine due to public safety reasons, Air China Fountain pen stension attendant live picture exposu!

China News Agency, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Li Chun) At the 27th China National Defense, the spokesperson Tan Ke referred to the China Participation in the 18th ASEAN Regional Security Policy Conference△=. Tan Kefei said, on the morning of May 27th, the 18th ASEAN Regional Safety Policy Conference was held in video forms▪★, and all parties to international and regional issues, the threats and challenges of new technology on defense safety○◇, and establish mutual trust and development in the Asia-Pacific region△◇☆. The topic of cooperation exchanged views. Tan Kefe said that the head of the Central Military Commission International Military Cooperation Office participates in the Chinese side to the current international and regional situations▪•◇▷, emphasizing the face of unprecedented challeng. what is leaf gelatin recombinant proteins in food industryGelatin wholesale bovine collagen peptides source bovine collagen peptides topically,