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[collagen drink sachet skin whitening]Xinhua News Agency, May 27th▽△, Soundtrack: Democratic Government refuses to continental vaccine, a few mean■●? Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Danping Taiwans epidemic continued to intensify, mainland compatriots look in an urgent point in their eyes▼★. The spokesperson of the National Table Office once again said that the greatest effort will help Taiwan compatriots to help the epidemic. Groups and organizations such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian said, respectively•▪, willing to donate vaccines to Taiwan▪◆▼△. Fosun Pharmaceutical Group has previously said that the German Bayen Taike vaccine of the agent is willing to Taiwan compatriots. Some counties and cities in Taiwan have responded that they can buy German vaccines through Shanghai Fosun□-. In this regard, the Taiwan administrative agencies and the land committees responded•▼. There is a bit embarrassing, the attitude is cle○▽!

Original title: “anti-Korean” ranking: China first, but followed the country a little unexpected ●•■..◇…▽□. According to the •□”2017 National Han Flow Survey☆•◁” issued by South Korea International Cultural Exchange●…▼, “2017 Foreign Han Flow Survey”●▷, foreigners The consumption of “Korean••” cultural products improved well, and at the same time, ★◇”dislike Korean” mood is also increasing. From October to December last year, the Korean International Cultural Exchange Department conducted a questionnaire survey on 7,800 consumers in 16 countries such as US, China◇■▼, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The “Dense Korean” emotional index was 31%. Among them, China (49.4%), India (41▷◁•△.3%)●…▼, Thailand (40.5%) and other countries are more than 40%•★△◆, France (37.5%) and the United States (35.6%)☆▽☆▷.

Xinhua Quanyai + 丨 new unearthed more important cultural relics Samsung Pile to attract Chinese and foreign media to read the Chinese civilization Xinhua News Agency Chengdu May 28th, the new unearthed, the three-star stack attracted Chinese and foreign media to read the Chinese civilization Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Lin•▼, Tongfang walked into the archaeological greenhouse of Samsung Pile Sacrifice to explore the scene of the scene, looked at the archaeological staff of the protective clothing, and the archaeological personnel who can adjust the temperature-▼◇, humidity▪●•, from the full pits of bronzes, Jade, gold, ivory, what kind of shock is made in the artifact, what kind of shock? If you know the newly discovered 6 “sacrificial pits” has unearthed more than 1▲△,000 important artifacts◇●◆◆, experts speculate still have a large number of metal, jade, ivory, et.

China New Network May 27th, the Greek -▪◇◇”Zhong X Times☆▷” report, local time May 26th, Greek National Public Health Organization announced that Greece added 1517 new crown clearance patients-▽=, cumulative diagnosis of 395094 cases; new death 44 Example•☆, accumulated 11916 cases. Local time on May 3••-☆, Greece Athens, a restaurant served in a clean table. On May 26th, May 26○=…, Athens and the President of the Piraeus Hospital▽▼, Martina Pagney said that if the new crown vaccination rate of Greece can cover 80% of the population, the government can consider Cancellation on mandatory wearing masks in late September. Papney predicts•■▷=, recent.

Original title◁▷•: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Post Office, Ma Junsheng: Improve postal coverage service Precision Poverty Alleviation State Post Bureau Director Ma Junsheng accepts interviews. Beijing News Reporter Hou Shaoqing Xue Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Wei Jia Shiyu Chen Pengsha Xueliang) This morning, in the fifth “Minister of Communications▷▽◆” this year, the Director Ma Junsheng▪•=◆, the State Post Bureau, will increase the postal and express in the countryside. The coverage is precise poverty alleviation•●★□. Ma Junsheng said that the postal community is very sound in rural services=-◇■. All townships in the country have postal▷-◆…, and the administrative village is 96%. 4 years ago▪•, “Express Dennivo▼○★” project●◁, until now, the national rural express coverage rate is 87%…▼, so that nearly 600 million peasants have enjoyed online shopping services, the effect is obvious■▷•. last ye★△? blooming of gelatin protein industries superclusterGelatin wholesale.

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