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[protein bar industry challenges]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 27th (Reporter Liu Xia Village) Reporter learned from the Emergency Management Department on the 27th that the Emergency Management Department will transfer 3,000 cotton tents to Qinghai Province with the National Food and Materials Reserve on the 26th, 10,000 cotton coats, 5000 bed quilts=•, 10☆□=□,000 folding beds, 1000 tensored stoves and 200 simple toilets, etc., support for basic living security work such as transfer and resettlement of affected people▪-◁. According to the person in charge of the Emergency Management Department★-◇, after the morning of May 22, after the 7■=□▷.4 earthquake in Mado County, Qinghai Province, the Emergency Management Department quickly launched the second-level emergency response of particular major earthquake disasters, and dispatched the national comprehensive fire rescue team. Carry o!

Original title: For this national focus◁••, governor is sourced: Changan Street▼-, the 13th National Peoples Congress△▼, a meeting entered the third day, and the National 31 delegation held a media open day event. Changan Street, Id: CapitalNews, the discovery▪■=◇, the provincial secretary, governor gave a response to many hot topics□★□, full of information, not letting a drop of sewage directly into the Bohai ◇-“This year, I realized the Lake of Bohai Lake All of the surrounding production and domestic sewage collection is collected, without a drop of sewage directly into the lake. “At the opening day of the Yunnan delegation□▲…▼, Yunnan Province, Yan Cheng, is, continuing iron wrist. Since the 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that it must be “protecting the ecology like protecting your eye.

Original title: anxious industrial gelatin for adhesive gelita usa chicago Gelatin capsule ballistic gummy bear bovine gelatine 250,! Steel fell below the cost price…☆○, but sold “cabbage•=■”▼■? “Industry Step=◁” is here■◁▷? At present, the steel market is the accumulation of inventory☆◇◆■. On the side of the demand◇▽, the price of steel has continued to fall, and the steel trade is pushed to the edge of the chopping■…, and some small traders have a pressure on the basis of funds. Further exacerbate the price decline, the steel trader stepped on the rate of the price fell. Today•…▽○, steel price is 3800 yuan per ton, has fallen below the cost price, and sell more than one hundred yuan. Small steel traders have sold at a low price, and some steel mills began to take their attention to overseas markets. In the past◁◆, the annual spring March is the □◇•”peak season” of the foundation of the foundation●•■, and the steel price will generally rise. However, the domestic steel market in this spring is ▽☆▲▪”the peak season is not prosperous”. Steel from the past Mar?